Tesla in Germany is preparing to produce a cheap electric car for 600 thousand crowns

Tesla in Germany is preparing to produce a cheap electric car for 600 thousand crowns
Tesla in Germany is preparing to produce a cheap electric car for 600 thousand crowns

f car company Elon Musk visited the watershed near the village of Grünheide near Berlin on Friday. At the meeting with the employees, among other things, it was changed that a vehicle will be produced there for 25,000 euros, a Reuters source said. Currently, Germany is producing the Model Y.

The average retail price of an electric car in Europe in the first half of 2023 exceeded 65,000 euros (about 1.6 million K), according to the research company Jato Dynamics. In it, it was only a little over 31,000 euros. On the Czech version of its website, Tesla offers the cheapest car, the Model Y with rear-wheel drive, for 1,097,750 K. Some X users in their reactions believe that the reduced price of 25,000 euros does not include taxes.

For a long time, Musk planned to make the price of an affordable electric car, in 2022 he announced that the car company had not mastered the necessary technology, and postponed it completely. Sources told the Reuters agency that Tesla was working on an innovation that would allow them to build the entire chassis of an electric car from one piece. It would be a breakthrough, it would speed up production and reduce costs.

The American automaker wants to decend the number of cars delivered to 20 million by 2030. For that, it needs to be born into the mass market. However, the demand for electric cars was negatively affected by the weak economy and high interest rates. Tesla and other car companies have responded to this in recent months by lowering prices in an attempt to boost sales.

In Germany, Tesla intended to double the capacity to one million cars a year. But most recently, the data about the sweat produced by the car was published in the run. It was 5,000 electric cars a week, roughly equivalent to 250,000 cars a year.

At Musk’s question, the nvtv led by Tesla employees reported that the automaker will raise the wages of 11,000 German employees by three percent effective from November, The Wall Street Journal wrote, citing sources. According to Tesla, in December, a bonus of 1,500 euros will be paid to compensate for inflation. From now on, the company invites employees to increase their wages by another 2,500 euros.

The German trade union IG Metall stated in 2022 that wages in the Tesla company are 20 percent lower than those based on collective agreements in other car companies.

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