The package cost me 60,000, they gave me 5,000, says Anna. The post office is still dealing with undelivered packages

The package cost me 60,000, they gave me 5,000, says Anna. The post office is still dealing with undelivered packages
The package cost me 60,000, they gave me 5,000, says Anna. The post office is still dealing with undelivered packages

The case surrounding the Zásilkovna packages, which are now stuck in the former depot in Bílý Kostel nad Nisou in Liberecko, is not over yet. The packages are still in the lobby. Their owners have already started receiving compensation, but in some cases it did not reach the value of the parcels.

Ms. Anna sent a package through Zásilkovna, which contained about 60,000 crowns worth of items. It then ended up at the depot of the Post Office in Bílí Kostel. The courier company sent her a compensation of 5,000 crowns.

“They claimed in those exits everywhere that they would match people with the full amount of the value of the package, and it really wasn’t,” said Ms. Anna. According to her words, she tried to communicate with the company, she also took the trouble to find receipts for all things.

A big complication was the loss of the laptop that was in the package and that she needed for work. She had to buy a new one. She stated that after some time the Post Office stopped communicating with her. Now Mrs. Anna and her lawyer are dealing with filing a complaint with the Czech Telecommunications Authority.

Mrs. Kateřina also solves problems with compensation. She received five payments for four packages, but they did not correspond to the prices of the parcels, not even in the total sum. The total price of her shipments is 3,280 crowns, she received 2,980 crowns.

Lawyer Filip Němec, who represents Svatomír Moce, who operated the depot as a franchisee, confirmed to that the parcels are still in the former depot in Bílá Kostel.

“Since the beginning of the event, we have been trying to offer Zásilkovna a solution, and we have not stopped doing this, as much as it is unpleasant for the client to be called a participant in the situation. However, Zásilkovna has limited negotiations to occasional correspondence outputs, in which it does not offer a solution, but tries to intimidate everyone who its procedures they criticize through legal instruments,” described Němec.

Compensation for shipments

The Postal Service also commented on the current situation. “After the shipments were unlawfully detained and it was clear that they would not be handed over to us, we informed the affected senders and recipients, set up a special team to handle claims for these shipments and launched a claims process prepared just for this event,” described company spokesperson Kamil Chalupa.

The post office has also launched a page with instructions on how to proceed if people have a package at the former White Church depot. “We actively contacted the senders and customers ourselves and tried to solve their situation as quickly as possible, despite the fact that it was not our fault,” added Chalupa.

As far as parcels of higher value are concerned in general (within the Mezi námi service, the sender can hand over a parcel up to CZK 5,000 and in e-shops up to CZK 20,000), according to Chalupa, the Post Office deals with the settlement individually and if people are able to provide documents, then they also provide higher compensation.

“For example, when the customer provided us with a communication to send a MacBook Air worth over CZK 30,000, we reimbursed him for it. We also reimbursed the cost of a new pump for the boiler, because the repaired original part remained at the depot, which is no longer manufactured,” stated Chalupa.

The former depot is full of shipments

As for the parcels in Bílý Kostel, according to Chalupa, the company made several favorable offers to the former external supplier, but they were said to have been ignored. “Given that the other party still refuses all attempts at amicable resolution and the release of the shipments, we are using the standard legal means that are available for these cases,” explained Chalupa.

“In any case, the external supplier did not even react to the physical inspection of the shipments, which the Czech Telecommunications Office tried to carry out as an authority for the supervision of the postal services market directly in the area of ​​the former depot. Even the Czech Telecommunications Office did not get to the shipments,” Chalupa added.

According to Moca, there may be tens of thousands of shipments in the former depot, the Post Office reports that 15,000 were registered there as of November 2.

You can read the complete questions of about the case of the depot in Bílí Kostel and the answers of Zásilkovna below:

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​In front of the headquarters of Zásilkovna in September, workers protested over unpaid wages. Watch the TV Nova report:

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