Sport instead of pills. Doctors could prescribe it as a treatment


The doctor would prescribe regular movement for the patient, for example in the form of exercise or running.

“I can imagine that you are overweight, you have diabetes and you need to lose weight, and a physical education doctor or a rehabilitation doctor will say that in this case it is adequate for you to do 10, 15 hours in a fitness center. He will say that the exercise must be such and such, focused on this and that,” explained Minister Vlastimil Válek (TOP 09) to Novinky, adding that the fitness trainer would have to meet strict conditions.

“We are looking for a way to get it into the system so that it is indicated by an expert and can be prescribed by, for example, a practitioner,” said the minister. It could be included in the amendment to the law on public health insurance, which he wants to present next year. “I can imagine that it will be offered, for example, to children who are overweight,” added Válek.

According to Ondřej Šebek, head of the National Sports Agency, the inclusion of sports activities in treatment is widely discussed. According to him, not even a change in the law is ready yet.

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The upcoming amendment is also supposed to introduce a system of bonuses for those who take care of themselves and go for preventive examinations. For this, the insurance company could arrange for him, for example, a date and place for rehabilitation, if he needed it. Currently, rehabilitation and physiotherapy are difficult to find. Thanks to the bonus, one would be sure to reach someone soon.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of VZP Tom Philipp (KDU-ČSL) pointed out that although life expectancy is increasing, women live with the disease for about 20 years of their lives, men spend about 15 years of their lives with the disease.

“We are partially to blame for this. We are number one in smoking, drinking alcohol, and we are at the bottom in physical activity,” he said.


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According to him, few of the children move for at least 60 minutes a day. On the other hand, children are increasingly facing overweight, obesity and high blood pressure. According to Philipp, it would help if there were posters in specialist waiting rooms describing how and who should move.

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