A Czech collector bought cognac for a record 4.1 million

A Czech collector bought cognac for a record 4.1 million
A Czech collector bought cognac for a record 4.1 million

A collector from Moravia paid 4.1 million crowns for the cognac, Rémy Cointreau said in a press release on Monday. The bottle of distillate he purchased is one of thirteen unique decanters of LOUIS XIII cognac. from the Le Mathusalem edition.

“LOUIS XIII. it is an exception in the world of spirits, it is a unique experience. Thanks to the combination of high-quality and old cognacs that are impossible to reproduce, tasting it is a timeless journey into the world of emotions and memories every time. In addition, each special edition is unique in itself, which also increases its value on the market,” said Artem Shakhnazarov of Rémy Cointreau.

Although the buyer of cognac is a collector of noble spirits and specifically cognacs, purchasing a bottle of such value is no longer just an ordinary hobby, but also an investment that can pay off well over time. According to experts, in the case of exceptional bottles, their price can rise by hundreds of percent after just a few years.

“However, it does not apply automatically. A higher and relatively quick return can be expected for the most valuable bottles of world brands, which at the same time require a significant initial investment,” explained Robert Vaněček from Prestige Portfolio, who is an expert in investment spirits.

He added that the total return is a long-term process and appreciation is usually around five to ten percent per year. For example, a “classic” bottle of cognac LOUIS XIII. with a volume of 0.7 liters could be purchased for 22 thousand CZK 20 years ago, now it is offered for around 80 thousand.

But there are also cases when the price rises even more significantly. For example, one decanter from a special edition of the same brand called Černá perla was auctioned in Prague in 2007 for 360,000 CZK, today its market price would undoubtedly exceed one million crowns.

Cognac and Scotch whiskey are the most popular investment spirits among Czech collectors.

“Interest in luxury spirits as a form of alternative investment is on the rise in the Czech Republic, even in a European comparison. But we would find the most dynamic growth in Asian countries, especially in China and recently also in India,” added Vaněček.

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