The Israeli army reached the heart of Gaza City, and isolated Hamsa in a bunker

The Israeli army reached the heart of Gaza City, and isolated Hamsa in a bunker
The Israeli army reached the heart of Gaza City, and isolated Hamsa in a bunker

Galant said in a televised report that the ground forces of the Israeli army attacked terrorists in Gaza from all directions, in perfect coordination with the army and the air force, and tightened the siege around the city.

According to the minister, scientist Hamsu Sinvr is bleeding in his bunker, has no contact with his colleagues and will be liquidated, The Times of Israel reported.

Galant repeated that Israel makes any humanitarian aid in the fighting in the Gaza Strip conditional on the release of all the hostages that Hamas dragged into Israel on January 7. According to him, the army, despite the pressure on the PM, cannot let up in the fighting until Hamsa is fully killed and all the hostages are returned.

Neither Israel nor the Hamas movement will rule in the Gaza Strip, which he declared to be the largest terrorist base ever built by mankind, after the end of the current wolf, the Minister of Defense added. However, he did not provide details on the future of the area.

According to the Haaretz newspaper, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday declared in conversations with soldiers that the advance of the army in the Gaza Strip is a phenomenal rush, and reiterated that Israel will continue fighting until the very end.

In a televised speech, the prime minister then said that Gaza is surrounded and the Israeli army is operating outside the city as part of a ground operation against Hamas. He declared that until Hams releases the Israeli hostage, the day pm will not be searched and fuel supplies will not be allowed to the letter. At the same time, he repeated the call to Palestinian civilians to move to the south for their own safety. We will not grow, said Netanyahu.

In his speech, Minister Galant stated that 70 female fighters of this movement were killed during the cross-border clashes between the Israeli army and the fighters of the Lebanese Hezbollah, and added that Israel will not be led by the wolves with this armed Islamist group. The Israeli-Lebanese border has seen the heaviest damage since Israel’s war against Hezbollah in 2006. Today, another 20 rockets were fired from Lebanon into northern Israel.

A spokesman for the US State Department said that the United States is against Israel’s new long-term occupation of the Gaza Strip. Israel withdrew completely from the Gaza Strip, which it had occupied since 1967, based on the peace accords in 2005, when it evacuated twenty Jewish settlements. In 2007, the area was controlled by the Hamas movement, which previously defeated the moderate Palestinian movement Fatah in the parliamentary elections in 2006, and its chairman is the Palestinian Authority’s Mahmud Abbs.

Israel launched a large-scale military operation against Hamsa in the Gaza Strip after the movement’s gunmen killed over 1,400 people, including civilians, in southern Israel on Saturday, January 7.

Another 240 people were taken to the Gaza Strip as hostages. At least 10,328 people were killed in retaliatory Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip, the AFP agency reported on Tuesday, referring to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, which controls Hamas.

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