Karel Schwarzenberg was flown to a hospital in Vienna


Eighty-five-year-old Karel Schwarzenberg, former foreign minister and honorary chairman of TOP09, was suddenly airlifted to a hospital in Vienna on Monday. It was reported by the website Expres.cz. Traveling by car would be risky for him. Schwarzenberg has been in the hospital since September, until now he was under the supervision of doctors in Prague.

In September, Schwarzenberg ended up in a Prague hospital due to untreated inflammation in his body, the website wrote. He has now been airlifted to a hospital in Vienna. But he did not say for what reason.

“I just landed. They took me by plane to make it faster and I will be here in the hospital,” Schwarzenberg told Expresu.cz. According to the website, the former politician himself had no idea why he was being transferred. But he added that he is happy because he will be close to his grandchildren.

Schwarzenberg often faces health complications. In the past, for example, he revealed to the media that he has skin problems, he also admitted complications with arteries.

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