Warning: Only for strong characters. Petr Fiala recorded the saddest video in Czech politics

Warning: Only for strong characters. Petr Fiala recorded the saddest video in Czech politics
Warning: Only for strong characters. Petr Fiala recorded the saddest video in Czech politics

Taka it’s here! Mme virlnho prime minister. Petr Fiala filmed a viral video, by definition a video, which became immensely popular thanks to its sharing. In the first day, the chairman of the government only managed to get 100,000 views. Every influencer’s dream. Non measures the election of one of the current ruling parties.

Petr Fiala filmed the saddest https://twitter.com/P_Fiala/status/1721240966907007065 in djinch esk politics. He went with his team and camera across the border to Germany, bought butter, food, clothing and other things and found out that it was cheaper in the Czech Republic. And not only that. In both acting and directing, the staged etude showed wonder and something like excitement over the whole situation.

“And the price of esk Nutella in my package is actually double…!”

ok, ds, hrza and likes.

Even when Fiala’s likes did not collect so much in terms of the number of videos viewed. A particularly typical or potential Fialv voli must have been sad. You from the fact that the prime minister is slowly turning into a sad figure of a democratic liberal politician who does not know how to communicate normally with the public.

It is also sad that Fiala, the former opponent of Andrej Babia’s marketing policy, cannot travel full of the same means as his predecessor. And the idiot drove it.

It is sad that Fiala, about a year later, was the one to deal with the problem of perishable food, not the tens of thousands of people who regularly go to Poland or Germany to buy it.

Martin Lobotka’s comment

We poured pensions into bricks and concrete and created the illusion that we were getting rich. It wasn’t true

2/11/2023 ▪ 4 minutes the

Of course, the content of the video is also sad. There really is a difference in food prices here and abroad. It is often a problem related to the legendary “specific” Czech market. For some time, we know from the data that the Czech inflation disaster was abused to some extent by all members of the entire “food” chain – farmers, food vendors and merchants. That’s why they could. That’s why even dogs have been shopping for prices for a long time. Not all of them can go shopping abroad, not that it would be worthwhile.

And maybe, and that’s the saddest part of Fial’s video, maybe because he was pushing prices on her a little, checking to see if there was a guy here.

Prime Minister Fiala correctly points out in the video that the Czech government does not set prices. (For this, he should make a serious and educational video, because the majority of the population does not want this, or they want to have the remains of their constantly collapsing price-creating socialist economy.) Fiala even fleetingly mentions in the video that after his purchase in Germany (that is soon) will negotiate with food producers and sellers. He will talk to him.

Great. That’s exactly what we want to see. Not embarrassing and boring government infotainment, which is neither info nor entertainment. We want real harvests from the negotiations with the supermarket, we want harvests from the Prime Minister’s visit to Agrofert and other food companies. There and the prime minister shows off. It would be not only viral, but also potentially useful.

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