Armored phone for construction, workshop and camping. It has a thermal camera and great endurance


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  • The article discusses the differences between regular smartphones and rugged phones that are designed for tough conditions.
  • As an example of a durable phone, the DOOGEE V31 GT model with a thermal camera and high resistance to water, dust and falls is presented.
  • The phone also offers an interesting camera lineup and specifications that make it suitable for working in harsh conditions and outdoor activities.

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Some phones break even in a trouser pocket, while others are damaged after falling to the ground from just a few centimeters. You lend them to a child for a while and then wonder if they have a scratched screen. Other times, you might carelessly bend over, your phone falls out of your shirt pocket or backpack and it just won’t survive the fall.

Most of us are familiar with such types of phones. They are beautiful on the table and in the hand, they have a lot of gadgets, you can brag about them to your friends. He just can’t take much. In the workshop, in the car or on the construction site, you have to store them in a special package so that dust or water does not harm them…

Into a hostile environment

On the other hand, there are phones that don’t mind dust, scratches, drops of water or being submerged for several meters. They are used to similar unkind treatment, because their creators expect their use in similar conditions.

One of them is the DOOGEE V31 GT armored phone with a thermal camera, the highest level of water and dust resistance, a massive battery capacity and an integrated thermal camera, which sets it apart from the vast majority of ordinary and durable competition.

Most manufacturers in the mobile world refer to the best products as flagships. DOOGEE goes a little further in this description and rightly attributes the V31 GT model as a flagship battleship.

Doogee V31 GT rugged phone with thermal camera Author: DOOGEE

The phone is intended for work in harsh and inhospitable conditions and places. On the construction site, in the workshop, in the camp, on an outdoor walk. You will appreciate the high resistance everywhere. No problem falling, no immersion in water.

A thermal camera comes in handy

DOOGEE V31 GT offers an interesting set of cameras, it can take photos in normal and poor light conditions, for which night mode is prepared. The back of the phone is dominated by a set of lenses, which includes a SONY IMX766 camera with three sensors (50Mpx, 24Mpx and 8Mpx). The photographic equipment is completed by a front 32 Mpx camera for video calls and self-portraits.

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Its main trump card compared to the competition is the integrated thermal camera. This function brings a huge range of uses, from purely practical, such as checking the functionality of thermal insulation or monitoring the operating temperature of machines, to leisure – the ability to see in the dark will certainly be appreciated by many a camper, hunter or airsoft fan. The camera works through a native application on the phone, it is controlled in the same way as a regular camera and it is possible to take pictures and videos through it.

High resistance

The phone offers superior durability and will not disappoint its users even in the most demanding conditions. The device meets the level of protection IP68 (complete resistance to dust and immersion in water up to a depth of 3 meters) and IP69K, which guarantees resistance to high-pressure jets of hot water. This resistance designation is used for heavy wheeled equipment requiring aggressive washing, for example concrete mixers or mining vehicles!

Doogee V31 GT rugged phone with thermal camera

Doogee V31 GT rugged phone with thermal camera Author: DOOGEE

The durable phone cover meets the MIL-STD-810H certification, which guarantees resistance to falling on all sides, corners and edges. The battery offers a very high capacity of 10,800 mAh, so the phone can last several days in the field without recharging. In addition, it can serve as a power bank for charging other devices if necessary. To quickly get power, the phone supports 66W charging, so that even its giant battery can be quickly recharged without a long delay.

Performance and equipment

DOOGEE V31 GT has a large IPS display with a 6.58″ diagonal and FHD+ resolution. The performance is ensured by an octa-core 6nm MediaTek Dimensity 1080 processor supported by 12GB of RAM with the option of expanding by another 8GB and 256GB of storage, also with the option of expanding by up to 2TB.

The phone is equipped with a pair of stereo speakers and a fingerprint reader, it can be unlocked with your face and controlled using gestures. NFC support, for example, for wireless payments, as well as a custom button with a user-assigned function, will please. It goes without saying that it supports 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and standard satellite navigation services.

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The phone has dimensions of 178.5 × 83.1 × 17.9 mm, weighs 390 grams and uses the Android 13 operating system. Among its interesting equipment, we can also name a fingerprint reader, accelerometer, magnetic compass, gyroscope, flashlight and proximity sensor. Navigation uses GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BDS services.

In the world, the phone is offered in several color variants. It is currently available on the Czech and Slovak markets in a silver version and costs CZK 14,990. You can also buy UleFone Power Armor 18T or 19T in a similar price range.

The UleFone Armor 11T 5G is currently slightly cheaper on the market for CZK 10,860. In a few weeks (but certainly by Christmas) the new Oukitel WP21 with a price tag of around 11,400 CZK or the more expensive UleFone Power Armor 18T Ultra for less than 16 thousand crowns should appear. If you don’t want to exceed the 10,000 CZK mark, then take a look at the iGET Blackview GBV9800 Pro Thermo for 8,490 CZK.

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