Don’t miss it! Psychologists dissuade Netanyahu from releasing video of massacres

Don’t miss it! Psychologists dissuade Netanyahu from releasing video of massacres
Don’t miss it! Psychologists dissuade Netanyahu from releasing video of massacres

Israeli psychologists reacted to the speculations of the local media that Netanyahu had in mind to publish this 47-minute record of Hamsa’s attacks on Israel in order to impress the world public and gain international support in the fight against Hamsa in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army has been massively bombarding it since the beginning, during which militants from Hams killed 1,400 people a month ago and kidnapped 240 of them to the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces have so far identified 843 civilians. According to Palestinian data, 10,000 people died in the Gaza Strip.

The video was created by the press department of the Israeli army from security cameras and car dashboard cameras, from the cameras on the tanks and from their social networks and mobile phones, but also from the phone obt.

At the press conference on January 23, the army showed it to two hundred foreign newspapers at a closed press conference, which were not allowed to report on it. He was seen by some foreign politicians at the Israeli consulates in Israel, and Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, presented him as a diplomat in New York.

I know you are very responsible with that film. Don’t show it to anyone, but only to influential people, said clinical psychologist Jarden Mendelsonov. But she did not recommend publishing it, neither in a shortened version, nor only in the field.

As soon as it is published, the dog will immediately get social media. And our children will see him, and that must not happen, she explained. She added that she doesn’t know a psychiatrist who would be in favor of a public image. According to him, the basic rule of dealing with psychological trauma is not to cause the trauma again.

According to ToI, even other health experts have said that they do not recommend it publicly. Moreover, according to them, it would not be possible for someone else who hopes to get wealth from it. It would only have an effect for a few days, then it would be followed by different headlines and ugly pictures, Mendelsonov said.

Members of the Israeli parliament saw the video last week, according to the Ynet server, the Knesset leader showed it to them in order to see who Israel is fighting, to see the evil and to realize how genuine the wolf with Hams is.

Many of the MPs took sedatives as recommended before watching the film, many still did not manage to watch the film to the end. I spoke with a member of parliament who saw the film. she told me that then she had to take sedatives for days, Mendelsonov said.

The ToI server wrote that the demand for sedatives and anti-depressants in Israel has increased by about 20 and 30 percent since the release of Hamsu on January 7. Mendelsonov stated that there were cases when people could not bear the trauma in the last month and committed suicide.

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