Vt balen logically stand me, Coca-Cola explains to the prime minister

Vt balen logically stand me, Coca-Cola explains to the prime minister
Vt balen logically stand me, Coca-Cola explains to the prime minister

But what interested me are the products of international companies manufactured in Germany and in the US, because there is often a difference in the size of the packages. So what it looked like, even in the Czech Republic, it was not that full, because when you buy it in large quantities, the domestic product is much more expensive, said the Prime Minister in his video, where he documented his purchase on Monday to Germany.

That was the case with Coca-Cola, which cost 36.80 K for 1.25 liters in Germany and 32.90 K in a liter pack in Germany. At the price of one liter, a liter in Germany cost 29.40 K. However, if we adjusted the prices by VAT, they would be similar. Without VAT, a liter would cost 28.6 K in R, and 27.47 K in Germany.

According to Koukolka, the final price is always set by the merchant, and the size of the packages and the entire given market is also influenced, which, according to him, made the international comparison known as a complex discipline.

Regarding the purchase of the prime minister, the company does not have enough information to make an informed decision. However, it is important to compare two different package sizes. It is always cheaper by five per liter when it is packaged. I will buy the investment for the lid or preform (PET bottle pods, editor’s note) they are not variable with a liter, so the same amount per liter of drink will always be a smaller packaged relative dram for liter, 1.5-liter or two-liter bottles, explains the speaker. It is good that the prime minister is open to discussion, the company wants to talk to him.

Mso snen DPH show with a cart, criticizes the president

The President of the R Food Chamber, Dana Veeov, then stated that she was disappointed by the Prime Minister’s video flight. According to her, the video gives the impression that Fiala wants people to go to Germany to raise money for the shops there. Instead of Mr. Prime Minister looking for a constructive way to make food cheaper in the Czech Republic, by sending the money to the Czech producer, he would rather put on a show with a shopping cart, added Veeov.

According to him, the chairman of the ODS should be interested in why the VAT on food is being introduced in Germany, or why R is one of the most expensive energy sources in Europe. As a result, this improves production, and thus also the price of food, she added. In addition, according to nd, Coca-Cola can be bought in large packages for less than nineteen kroner per liter, i.e. cheaper than what the prime minister bought for in Germany.

The other companies that the prime minister mentioned in the video, i.e. Ferrero, which also produces Nutella, and Heinz, a producer of coffee, have not yet responded to iDNES.cz’s questions.

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