Bild printed letters from desperate Germans


The newspaper Bild published excerpts from letters from its readers.

Sandra from Bielefeld, whose name has been changed by the editors, wrote that she is 42 years old and has an eleven-year-old daughter. She emphasized that there were always problems, but that she was never really afraid. “I fear for the future of our children, my business and the lives of my family. Even though I’m German. How do the people who fled the terror feel? Or the Jews?!” she lamented.

She adds that she is very angry at the politicians who just watch what is happening helplessly and that in her shop she hears what is bothering people. “I cordially invite our politicians to sit with us for a day and listen. Or to walk through Bielefeld with me. Which is like being in a foreign country now. You can hardly come to an agreement. Let’s hope it’s not too late for all of us,” he confides.

A “historic moment” in migration policy. Germany hardens

Christian S. from Wollbach also talks about fear. “My wife and I are scared. We fear for the future of our entire country, and therefore also for our two daughters (ages 8 and 6). We are shocked by the way the demonstrations are going on in Berlin, Essen, Frankfurt, etc. It is no longer only against Israel, but also against us, our country, our faith, our democracy,” he points out.

“It is incomprehensible that our government and our police are not (not allowed) to deal with this properly. In our streets, one can publicly demand a caliphate without any punishment and without immediate dissolution of the assembly,” he says.

Mathias L. from Langen recalls, that experts warned against this development already in 2015. “What has happened since then? Nothing! Neither Mrs. Merkel nor the current coalition government has changed anything. However, all parties should be sure of one thing at the next election: you will be judged by your actions, not your words,” he sums up.

Safe and beautiful Germany? Only in memories

Petra M. from Stuttgart returns to the peaceful past, who confided, that she is sometimes glad that she is so old, at least she has memories of a safe and beautiful Germany. “We are overwhelmed by Islamists and they are increasing every day. And we can’t expect our government to step in. I’m scared of what’s happening here without any consequences,” she declared.

Demonstrators with Palestinian flags protested in BerlinVideo: AP

“Stop it.” The brazenness and force of the Islamist protests shocked Germany

Mario R. from Saxony-Anhalt sees the weakness of the state as the reason why things are not going as they should in the Federal Republic. “I don’t even believe what has become of Germany! A state that lets everyone dance on its nose! It starts in the government! From here we are harassed by green magos! Then animal rights defenders, vegans and vegetarians! To all of them the state bows! And now Hamas and its followers! They look at it, even look away! They won’t step on anyone’s cock’s eye! All this is no longer an expression of the opinion of the elites, but terror! This is not my Germany anymore! Sad!” he complained.

Calling for a hard hand

Lars K. from Munich is not the only one demanding a heavy hand. According to him, all radical Islamist tendencies must be immediately stopped, banned and punished. “Whoever does not like Germany with all the German rules of conduct, principles, laws and way of life, must leave! No tolerance for these people who are hostile to Germany!” he is clear.

Gerd S. from Buxtehude has no doubt that the Federal Republic was brought into this mess by a generous interpretation of German laws. “When I watch the footage, read slogans about the caliphate, etc., I ask myself why they did not stay in their caliphate. Send everyone who participates in these demonstrations back home,” he advises.

Max B. from Hauzenberg is represented by the police. “Let’s be honest, politicians have slept through the whole thing over the years and are still coddling it. The police are totally overwhelmed by radical mobs,” he explains.

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