AMD Ryzen 8000G desktop processors will also come with the Zen 4c hybrid architecture


Phoenix series mobile processors from AMD we can already buy it in several notebooks, but soon they should come in desktop variants. However, it will not be Ryzeny 7000G, as originally assumed, but about Ryzen 8000G, as they will come so late this year that they will be more likely 2024 models (if they won’t even be introduced until early 2024, which is also a possibility). And that means an eight at the beginning of the label. For now, basic data about the four new processors has been leaked, with the models Ryzen 7 8700G and Ryzen 5 8600G should only use the Zen 4 (Phoenix 1) architecture. In the first case, there will be 8 CPU cores and AMD Radeon 780M graphics with 12 CU, in the second case, 6 CPU cores and Radeon 760M GPU will bring 8 CU.

Weaker processors Ryzen 5 8500G and Ryzen 3 8300G should already fall into the Phoenix 2 series and bring a hybrid architecture combining Zen 4 and Zen 4C cores. In the case of the 8500G, it will be a 6-core chip with two powerful Zen 4 cores and four economical Zen 4C. The 8300G should have a total of 4 cores, of which only one will be Zen 4, and the trio should then be in the economical Zen 4C variant. Both of these processors are supposed to get a Radeon 740M GPU with 4 CUs. From other information, we only know that all four processors should reach 65W TDP. It is also good to remember that while Intel’s energy-efficient cores do not support Hyper-Threading, AMD’s SMT will support both Zen 4-based and Zen 4C-based energy-efficient cores. Support for new APUs is already included in AGESA and BIOSes.

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