Up to three times the average wage? The state offers doctors a guarantee of minimum salaries, but they have so far refused the agreement

Up to three times the average wage? The state offers doctors a guarantee of minimum salaries, but they have so far refused the agreement
Up to three times the average wage? The state offers doctors a guarantee of minimum salaries, but they have so far refused the agreement

MAccording to Radek Policar, the senior director of the Legislation and Law Section, the Ministry of Health offered doctors in state hospitals a salary increase starting in January 2024, and also promised a guarantee of a non-increased salary instead of the increase in the salary tables that the protesting doctors requested. Their representatives and unions rejected the proposals, according to the vice president of the Czech Medical Chamber, Jan Přáda, they only concerned some doctors. They will meet again on November 13. In addition to an increase in the basic salary, the protesting doctors are also demanding amendments to the Labor Code. To support their demands, they have been calling for overtime since December.

“The idea of ​​the Ministry of Health was not quantified in terms of financial resources. We proposed to unify remuneration in all Czech hospitals, regardless of their form,” said Dagmar Žitníková, president of the Health and Social Care Trade Union. According to her, uniform salary tables should be introduced for a transitional period.

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“We presented our proposal, which would mean a guarantee of the so-called non-increased salary for healthcare workers. This would mean that everyone would have a decent salary, which, in our opinion, is a better proposal than increasing the so-called salary tariffs according to the government’s decree, which would mean that the exact same amount would be added to everyone,” Policar said. According to him, the offer would mean an increase in the salaries of those who now have lower salaries without overtime.

According to Policar, a special law on remuneration in the healthcare sector should be prepared by 2025. It should guarantee the agreement promised to the protesting doctors in 2011 by the then minister Leoš Heger (TOP 09). She expected to link the doctor’s salary to the average wage, which would be 1.5 to three times that, depending on the length of practice.

According to available statistics, in the first half of this year, doctors in state and public hospitals received an average salary of approximately 104,000 crowns, while the salary in private hospitals was around 80,000 crowns. The amounts include overtime and bonuses, so some doctors contradict them because they do not correspond to the actual work done, which is more due to overtime.

The ministry is also preparing a national plan for human resources in healthcare, which according to Policar will guarantee the provision of good conditions and a sufficient number of qualified, efficient and motivated healthcare workers. According to Policar and representatives of the protesters, there was agreement on other points, such as education or working conditions. The doctors requested the preservation of the possibility of a 24-hour stay at the workplace and the return of the maximum number of voluntary hours of overtime work to 416 hours per year from the double that the amendment to the Labor Code made possible from October.

According to the Section of Young Doctors of the CLK, since December, 6,000 doctors out of 13,000 who work afternoon and night shifts in hospitals have resigned from overtime work. In total, about 22,000 of them work in hospitals. The impact on the operation of hospitals will be different, in some places even more than 30 percent of doctors have announced their resignation, in others it is units. Minister of Health Vlastimil Válek (TOP 09), hospitals and protesting doctors have previously assured that acute care will not be threatened. However, planned care may be limited, but it is less in December every year.

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