You don’t want to talk, but they might. koly e, whether to join the protest

You don’t want to talk, but they might. koly e, whether to join the protest
You don’t want to talk, but they might. koly e, whether to join the protest

We will discuss the procedure in the framework of the association on Friday. And although I prefer one, I won’t oppose the hundred. The abbot who prepares the wine has a known impact on the quality of the coins. In addition to the fact that the poor 130 percent of the average salary is already up in the air, I do not like the value of PHmax (the maximum number of training hours financed from the general budget for one year according to the need for the editor’s note) and a pension for the salaries of operational employees, stated Lubo Zajc, the president of the Association of editors of the stock wheels af Z in Pekch.

Horrible even the cantor

Miroslava Zachariov, editor of Gymnzia JS Machara in Brands nad Labem, says in a similar spirit. We have not yet decided whether we will go to the hundred. I won’t bother anyone to join it, but I won’t initiate it. This is an extreme case and I don’t want to take my children as hostages, said MF DNES Zachariov. According to her, the Association of Editors of Gymnzi R is trying to turn the situation around.

With other gymnasiums, we collected arguments for women of pepper for government changes. Most of all, we suffer from the true values ​​of PHmax, which the gymnasium drills twenty years back. Because of the financial support, we would have to teach 14 percent less hours than the extension program, and we would not be able to teach you a foreign language class. In the worst case, we would have to release the teachers who would take these lessons, Zachariov said.

We don’t want to punish Rodie

The integrated center wheel on Karmela in Mlad Boleslav will probably join the group. We agreed on two demands. So that the government does not dream of the sweat of hours that can be spent on stilts. It would mean the devastation of the professional team or your laboratory. The second requirement is that the budget for the club should remain at least the same as this year, said Tefan Klma, the editor of the Boleslav club.

Spe proti is led by Zkladn and Matesk bikes in Norsk street in Kladn. There is definitely a financial problem for non-teaching staff, but the second issue is the form of the protest. The general public probably won’t understand the thing. For the parents on whom it would have the biggest impact, it would mean worries about a hungry child, argued Pavel Klika, deputy editor of Kladenskola.

Some mothers think nothing of the hundred. At the present time, let’s take care of ourselves. On the day of the hundredth, we wouldn’t study, the kitchen wouldn’t even work. We agree with the union’s demands, especially regarding non-pedagogical workers, said Rena Horkov, editor of M in Krup na Rakovnick.

On the contrary, there is Z Brat apk in Pbrami against the hundred. We would punish the head of the family with a hundred. However, several young teachers joined us, so we will also ask them for their opinion, added Alena Maikov, editor of Pbramsk kolá.

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