Pte Defense of Europe. Germany has unveiled a new strategy for the army’s mission

Pte Defense of Europe. Germany has unveiled a new strategy for the army’s mission
Pte Defense of Europe. Germany has unveiled a new strategy for the army’s mission

Pistorius wants to thoroughly prepare the Bundeswehr for the defense of Germany and its allies. That is why reforms, purchases of weapons and materiel, and construction projects should be accelerated.

We must be removed and collective defense in Europe. Our population, but also our partners in Europe, North America and the world, expect us to live up to this responsibility, Pistorius and Inspector General Carsten Breuer wrote in a 19-page document. It describes the changes that will affect the German army in connection with the two major changes in German defense policy related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in November 2022.

As the first step to whip the German army into shape after decades of neglect, Berlin built a special fund last year, which should amount to 100 billion euros, to be used for the purchase of modern weapons. Germany also promised that starting in the fifth year, the NATO commitment to spend at least two percent of GDP on defense will come into effect.

With the change of era, Germany will become a mature country in terms of security policy, Pistorius said today when presenting the first new defense policy strategy since 2011, when Germany abolished conscription.

As the most populous and economically powerful country in the heart of Europe, Germany must be protected and collectively defend Europe, Pistorius emphasized, according to him, Germany must be prepared to fight in the wolf.

Pistorius admitted that the time will change and the Bundeswehr will have to determine its priorities in the foreseeable future after decades of neglect, during which the necessary military structure and capabilities were abandoned.

The minister recalled Germany’s promise to permanently deploy a combat brigade in Lithuania as proof that the country is preparing for its new role.

Just as the Federal Republic was once on the front line of cold troops from scattered allied units, it is now Germany’s partner that Berlin will live up to its responsibility and stand up for itself, Pistorius wrote in a comment in the Tagesspiegel newspaper.

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