A 15-year-old schoolboy shot a classmate in Germany during class


A 15-year-old boy at a special school in Offenburg, southwest Germany, shot his classmate in the head for “personal” reasons. Police said the incident took place during class and the victim succumbed to his severe injuries. DPA previously reported that the shot student was taken to hospital, but did not provide details on the nature of the injury. Almost three hundred policemen and members of special forces intervened at the school, including 4 helicopters.

The suspected minor, according to DPA German, is being investigated by criminal investigators. According to investigators, the motive for the attack could be related to personal relationships. The pupils of the school in question are under the care of psychologists. The suspect in the attack was arrested after a large-scale police operation. According to the police, the perpetrator was one, and so was the victim. According to the police, there is apparently no further danger.

According to the newspaper Bild, the Waldbash school, where the brutal incident took place, is intended for children with learning disabilities. Nearly 180 students initially had to remain in classrooms for safety and were later escorted out of the school, which was temporarily closed.

According to DPA information, today’s attack took place in the 9th grade, where the suspect attended. He was allegedly stopped by an adult who does not work at the school. Local residents reported that 4 helicopters were flying over the school grounds, which were landed by special forces and policemen intervening in the school. Around 180 pupils had to stay in classes that they could leave only later. After professional treatment, they could then return to their parents.

Already on Wednesday, the police intervened at one of the schools in the northern German city of Hamburg due to a reported pair of armed youths aged 12 and 13 who allegedly threatened a teacher. Police later arrested a total of five boys aged between 11 and 14 and confiscated three toy guns from them.

Germany experienced two school attacks this year on August 23, when a young man armed with a knife seriously injured an eight-year-old boy in the eastern German town of Bischofswerda, and a classmate stabbed a 13-year-old boy in Harsewinkel in the west of the country. In March 2009, a 17-year-old student shot dead 15 people and himself at a school in Winnenden, West Germany.

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