An excavator demolished a hundred historic villas. Stop it, call the people and the ministry

An excavator demolished a hundred historic villas. Stop it, call the people and the ministry
An excavator demolished a hundred historic villas. Stop it, call the people and the ministry

According to Jiho Pospil, it follows from the recent decision of the constitutional court that the dismissal of local residents could have a delay, so the works should be suspended.

Out of fear, out of support of our historical heritage, we are turning to you today with a message and maybe a proposal, just don’t come out of a light heart. The excavator started the demolition of Schieszl’s villa this morning, November 9, 2023. It is moving at a very fast pace, the petitioners said on Thursday before noon. No more than 2,600 people signed it.

According to the public photo, it is not only the name of the building, the garage, but also the tree that stood in front of the property. There are so many mistakes on the road. The town of brny and the wall are on the edge of the plot of land.

The current real owner of the house is unknown, the property is owned by the company Tich 5, controlled by the dog owner of Cypriot companies, and intermediaries act for the owner. The workers started the first works on Monday.

The building permit refers to the construction of the villa, but in fact, according to the local residents, it is a matter of replacing the building with a new building with a floor area of ​​100 rooms, which would also cover the entire plot of land.

According to local residents, the order of the neighborhood could be disrupted. Despite the fact that this could be a precedent for the future, a resident in the center expressed her fear that the character of the neighborhood could be significantly disturbed.

I want a review

The residents of the neighboring houses submitted complaints about the survey of the positive opinions of the monument and the Department of Land Development of the Prague Municipality to the Ministry of Culture and Local Development. The Ministry of Culture called for work to be suspended until the survey is completed. In addition, one of the neighbors filed an appeal against the building permit, the appeal body in this case is the mayor of the capital.

On Thursday around 1:00 p.m., the machine did not work and the workers continued to wash the laundry. According to the co-author of the petition against the riots, Vta Makarius, the workers were fined by the police because they did not have the necessary equipment, but they continued to work.

Mayor’s deputy Ji Pospil said today that the demolition worker considers the work unacceptable. According to him, the building permit was issued only under the conditions of reconstruction and expansion of the house. I am very glad that the Ministry of Culture has called for the work to be suspended, the monument will not be carefully decided, she said.

One of the neighbors filed a complaint against the building permit with the civil court, which dismissed it. In the decision, the court wrote that she should file an appeal, which has a suspensive alternative. Pospil also drew attention to this formulation. According to the Constitutional Court, the appeal of local residents against the building permit could have a suspensory effect, meaning that it should not be built, he said.

He added that he was frustrated by the progress of the Prague 5 construction company, which only posted information about the construction women on one board, and did not contact the residents of the surrounding houses. It is a shame that the City Hall of Prague 5 did not appeal after the objections raised by them were dismissed and did not involve the public in the matter. This should not be done for me, Pospil decreed.

In addition to the residents’ disagreement with the riot, the city council also commented on the situation on its website. Our aim is to protect the character of local neighborhoods and to appeal to the written form of development permits. This is not the first controversial project in the Hebenek location. Playing the role of active defenders, they managed to save Bene’s villa, which was threatened with demolition, said the mayor Radka imkov (PRAGUE 5 SOB), who filed the investor to stop the work.

This is not the first similar incident in the Hebenek area. Last year, a similar protest was raised against the demolition of a villa not even a kilometer away from the turn of the 20th century in Nad Vinkou Street. After intense criticism of the demolition by local residents and politicians, the villa changed owners several times, eventually ending up in the ownership of the investment group Rockaway Capital and is still standing.

Schieszl’s villa was built in 1912 on a different slope of the Petna in the midst of newly emerging buildings. She is closely related to the Slovak politician Josef Schieszl, who was one of the closest collaborators of President TG Masaryk and Edvard Bene.

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