Half of the Czechs do not save even two thousand a month, the survey showed


“Almost half of the respondents admitted that their savings would not even cover a three-month shortfall in income,” said Ivana Pícková from Creditas.

Roughly one in five tries to save for their own housing. Those who save often do not handle their savings correctly, and thus deprive themselves of income. “Seven out of ten respondents keep their savings in cash or in a current account,” Pícková added.

A million crowns deposited in an interest-free current account will not yield anything in a year, she pointed out. According to Pícková, at today’s average interest rates, the same amount deposited in a savings account will bring in around 50,000 crowns per year.

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The most popular savings tools are cash, in which 71 percent of people have savings, and savings accounts, which are used by 69 percent of respondents. This is followed by state-subsidized products such as pension savings and building savings and investment funds. 64 percent of respondents have pension insurance and 39 percent of building savings.

The survey also shows that women save less than men. Prague residents have the highest savings. At the same time, the capital has the highest share of those who do not save anything, it is one in ten Praguers. The most frugal age group, both in terms of the monthly deposit and the amount of savings, are people between 45 and 53 years old.


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Another recent survey for Broker Consluting found that “eight out of ten households have their income covered and have some left over, but only a quarter of them are able to save.”

According to a survey by the debt collection company Kruk, the financial situation of Czech households improved slightly year-on-year. Every tenth family lives in poverty. The fact that ten percent of people in our country are in so-called income poverty corresponds to a long-term situation.

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