These sweets have long since disappeared from the Czech shelves. Do you still remember them?


Biscuits, chocolates, candies or chips, which can only be remembered nostalgically. We used to eat them on Sunday visits for coffee, we bought them in canteens and shops, and one day they simply disappeared from the shelves. We have already said goodbye to some of them for good, for others petitions are drawn up from time to time. This is also the case with the popular Vlnka biscuits or some chips from Bohemia Chips. Despite the efforts of consumers, they did not return to the offer. And now another popular confection will disappear from the market – Rum Pralines.

Some snacks have quietly disappeared from the shelves, while customers have been “fighting” for others for years. This is the case with Vlnek od Opavie, which disappeared from the market 12 years ago. Mondelez decided to stop producing them in 2011 following the results of a market survey. Nevertheless, the sweet has not lost its fans, and nostalgic posts and memories of this once popular delicacy still appear on various discussion forums.

There is a Facebook group Vrťte us naše Vlnky, which has a thousand fans. In 2015, a petition was even created for the return of the candy, but it was not successful. It was signed by around 3,000 people, and the company told consumers at the time that it appreciates their interest, but is not yet considering the return of Vlnek.

​However, the popular sweet could still be bought a few years ago, for example, on the Aukro portal. However, it was only a “collector’s item”, the minimum shelf life of the product had already passed in 2008, and its eventual consumption was thus out of the question. Even so, it was sold for 65 crowns.

More sweets

Another popular treat from Opavia was Diskito stars. They are no longer produced either, but the Milka brand offers a similar confection instead. But some consumers agree in discussions that it is definitely not the same as the Diskito stars.

In addition to Diskito stars, people long for other cookies that are no longer available anywhere. For example, the Orion Sandwich cookie is missing. Dukla is also among the biscuits that we can only remember. These were once produced in Lomnica nad Popelkou. Mondelez stopped production of wafers ten years ago, due to low sales of this product.

​Sphinx Antipearls have also disappeared from the range of sweets. They began to be produced in 1960 in Chotyn at a branch of the company Lipo. They were originally sold in tin boxes, later in green plastic boxes with a transparent lid. Currently, they can no longer be bought anywhere.

Rum pralines will now also disappear from Czech and Slovak shelves. They have been produced since the 1960s, but their popularity among customers has been declining recently, so Nestlé is withdrawing them from sale.

“We believe that consumers will find their way to our other products, whose popularity among a wide range of consumers is on the contrary increasing significantly, thanks to a number of novelties and new flavors,” company spokeswoman Tereza Skrbková told Rum pralines will thus be included in the list of sweets that Czechs can only nostalgically remember.

Rum Pralines | Source: Jiří Čada / CNC / Profimedia

Bohemia Chips

But some consumers don’t just want to remember Bohemia Chips in certain flavors. They wish they could go back. That’s why an Instagram profile was created almost three years ago “fighting” for potato chips to be made again Smoked with horseradish and Beef on onions. There are almost a hundred parody posts on the profile asking Intersnack to resume their production. Over four thousand people also signed a petition for the return of these snacks.

However, the Intersnack company did not plan to renew the flavors in 2021. “At present, the return of flavor Smoked with horseradish we do not plan, but it is possible that the flavor will not appear again in your favorite stores in the future due to the great interest of our consumers,” the company said at the time. Since then, however, the chips have not returned to the shelves. Even so, consumers can only remember them for now.

​Chocolate bandits were on the rampage in Olomouc. They face jail time for stealing snacks:

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