A giant portrait of a terrorist from Hamas hangs on the walls in Istanbul


“In the Footsteps of Sultan Fatih,” https://twitter.com/muratsahin2023/status/1722652282632716438 for example, Turkish politician Murat Şahin, who heads the nationalist Movement for National Survival, is happy to photograph. He was referring to the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II, who in the 15th century, among other things, conquered Byzantine Constantinople, which was then renamed Istanbul. He completed his post with a symbol of the Palestinian and Turkish flags together with a raised finger – among Muslims, this gesture is a symbol of the expression that Allah is the only god.

The Istanbul branch of the nationalist youth organization AGD even shared a chilling video this week of a small boy who, like the spokesman for Hamas’ armed wing, is dressed in camouflage and his face is covered with a scarf.

“Abu Ubaydá, the hero of the children of the Ummah (worldwide community of Muslim believers – editor’s note). Mobilize whatever force you want, come by land, sea or air, we have prepared for you men who kill with joy in the name of Allah. We have prepared for you various ways of death that will make you curse yourself. You won’t find helplessness, fear and defeatism here,” says the threatening caption of the video.

“How can Abu Ubaydah’s portrait be placed there when they don’t even post the names of those who fight for Turkey?” asked some outraged social media users, according to the Turkish newspaper Yeniçağ. In this context, the paper recalled that while Hamas is considered a terrorist organization in the EU, Britain, USA, Canada, Australia and many other countries, in Turkey it is a “controversial” issue.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also refused to label Hamas a terrorist organization after the bloody attack in Israel https://twitter.com/gztcom/status/1721289765264244763 he is like mujahideen and freedom fighters.

A portrait of Abu Ubaydah was also hung in the Turkish capital, Ankara, when US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited it recently. A flag with the image of a spokesman for the armed wing of Hamas was hung from the bridge under which the head of US diplomacy was passing. “Blinken, the killer of children,” read the attached sign, according to the Turkish news website Yığılcanın Sesi, apparently referring to the victims of Israel’s retaliatory strikes in the Gaza Strip following the Hamas terror attack.

According to Erdogan, the main criminal responsible for the massacres in Gaza is the West

Erdogan: Hamas are not terrorists, they are just defending their country

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