We spotted a landing ship with a crew and armored personnel carriers near the Crimea, Ukraine announced

We spotted a landing ship with a crew and armored personnel carriers near the Crimea, Ukraine announced
We spotted a landing ship with a crew and armored personnel carriers near the Crimea, Ukraine announced

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the affected vessels are the Serna (Kamzk), which can carry 45 tons of cargo and 92 soldiers. According to intelligence, a BTR-82 combat vehicle was found on the boat during the Ukrainian flow.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said on Friday morning, without further details, that the Russian anti-aircraft defense intercepted two Ukrainian drones over Crimea.

In addition, Russian media, according to the Russian editors of the BBC, reported on an explosion in the city of Feodosia in Crimea. According to the Baza Telegram channel, which is close to Russian security forces, two Ukrainian drones tried to attack an oil terminal there.

In the night of the night, six Russian-made drones attacked Ukraine, killing two women, the Ukrainian Air Force reported. Pt drone and one of the rockets managed to defeat the anti-aircraft defense.

After those Russian airstrikes on Ukraine, there are no casualties or injuries at first. However, according to the Meduza server, the Ukrainian regional representative reported on several damaged houses due to a broken drone and damaged bicycles in the village of Komyany near Kherson.

Ukraine advances on the left bank of the Dnieper

The American Institute for the Study of the Wolf (ISW) said on Friday that Ukrainian troops were clearing their positions on the left, eastern course of the Dnieper River and in two places were blocking Russian forces’ traffic on the road between the village of Oleki and the town of Nova Kakhovka, which is only 50 kilometers northeast of Kherson .

ISW analysts predict that the Russian command will likely have a known problem, that in response to Ukrainian operations on the left bank of the Dnieper, it will be able to send reinforcements to the city and at the same time continue to defend against the Ukrainian streams in the Zporosk region in the south of the country and support the flow of its own forces to the entrance of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian general tb reported 69 fighting units during the past day and repelled ten Russian flows to the entrance of the country, only at the town of Marjinka and the village of Novomychajlivka there were 25 of them. According to their own claims, the Ukrainians repelled another ten flows near Bakhmut.

According to you, even the Russian rivers near Lyman and Kupjansk were without success. At the same time, do not stop the Russians in an attempt to surround the city of Avdijivka, where, however, the Ukrainian soldiers are holding a firm defense and causing heavy losses to the Russians, a tough Ukrainian commander.

According to him, Ukrainian forces continue offensive operations in the direction of Melitopol in the occupied Zporosk region in the south-east of Ukraine. In the conditions of a general conflict, the claims of the warring parties cannot be directly evaluated.

The general also did not change the bets on the left bank of the Dnieper, he only noted that the Ukrainian forces in the Chersonsk region continued to attack the enemy artillery and the Russian army barracks.

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