The Polish opposition signed a coalition agreement. He promises to make the current powers count


Coalition party leaders Donald Tusk, Szymon Holownia, Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz and Wlodzimierz Czarasty said the coalition agreement, the first publicly known document of their grouping, will be the basis for forming a new government, according to

They signed it a month after the parliamentary elections and three days before the first session of the new parliament.

The document emphasizes the readiness of the parties to bear full responsibility for the fate of Poland and to correct the mistakes that plague the country. “We are entering a period of compromise that will require us to join forces but also to change our way of thinking, but we are confident that we will succeed,” the leaders said.

The Polish president will entrust the formation of Morawiecki’s government

We will call for accountability

The coalition agreement also contains a chapter on responsibility for the rule of law and justice. “We must name the injustice that we all witnessed during the rule of our predecessors and call the perpetrators to account,” the text reads.

According to them, without coming to terms with the pathology and crimes of the previous power, Poland will not be just or lawful. “That is why we will call to account all those who tried to make unconstitutional changes to the state establishment, violated the constitution, laws, principles of the rule of law, also embezzled public funds and illegally managed businesses,” the coalition parties said. Where a detailed and transparent investigation of improprieties is needed, a parliamentary commission of inquiry is to be established.

“We will bring before the independent prosecutor’s office and the courts all those who abused the powers of a public official, did not fulfill the duties arising from the assigned position or incited others to do so. We will also bring to justice those who misused and embezzled funds in public institutions for party or personal purposes,” the parties promise.

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President Andrzej Duda (left) during post-election negotiations with the leaders of the strongest parties

Although the ruling national conservative Law and Justice (PiS) won the October 15 election, it is still far from majority support in parliament. Although it has 194 seats in the 460-member Sejm, its coalition potential is practically zero.

On Monday, President Andrzej Duda entrusted the formation of the government to the vice-chairman of this party and the current prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki.

If Morawiecki fails to put together a cabinet that would receive majority support, the three coalition parties headed by former Prime Minister Donald Tusk will compete to form a new government. It has a total of 248 seats, which is comfortably more than the required 231 mandates for the majority.

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