Pekarov Adamov will lead TOP 09 with a new leader, not expected. I can also have a meeting between the party’s deputies


Markta Pekarov Adamov again won the position of party president at the TOP 09 meeting on Saturday. However, drastic changes are happening – and they can happen after the weekend – for n.
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Jand during the next two years, there will be several elections in the Czech Republic. Progressively to the European Parliament, the region, Senta and the Chamber of Deputies. With this in mind, TOP 09 elected a new leader at Saturday’s meeting in the Clarion Hotel in Prague, whose goal will be to ensure that the importance of the party, moving independently at the five percent threshold, does not only mean that it is part of the ruling Spolu coalition.

If the most pro-Brussels-minded party will change the coalition in Slyth, it should have a new mayor, the original licensed teacher, Matj Ondej Havel. The former TOP 09 president Markta Pekarov Adamov also saw him as a reinforcement to the leadership, who smoothly took over her position and thus enters her fifth year at the head of the party. By the way, it is known that its predecessors, Miroslav Kalousek and Ji Pospil, did not graduate.

When Pekarov Adamov completes the same term as president for which she was elected, she will be equal to the co-founder of the party, Karl Schwarzenberg. But in the course of Saturday’s dream, things did not go as the party leader expected.

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What will you do dl

  • Jan Jakob, who led the most in the elections, failed, Markta Pekarov played him by his side?
  • Can Jakob bear the election failure even in the parliamentary club?
  • Should his potential successor, Milo Nov, claim the position of MP?

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