On the D1, the previous truck started to show damage. The police immediately started checks

On the D1, the previous truck started to show damage. The police immediately started checks
On the D1, the previous truck started to show damage. The police immediately started checks

He gave places on the D1 where trucks are not allowed to pass, they will follow. In several stages, before the end of winter, we want to mark the whole section of the Vysoina and Brno like this. The full goal is to mark those places with these signs in the horizon from Mirovice to Brno, explains Jan Rdl of the Roads and Roads Directorate (SD) in full, with the fact that the passage of goods vehicles is limited in some sections where there are uphill lanes.

The priest aims to ensure the flow of traffic on the highway. It happens that when the trucks come forward, they drive side by side for a long time and block the traffic. In the winter, both lanes get stuck in the grade, and the roads become impassable for plowing.

The police say that before the end of winter they managed to set up the first section between Humpolec and Jihlava with signs. Because of the high altitude and asthma, it is a place where people often crash. In 2018, the police and the police met here for several days with a snow disaster.

In the past, we encountered big problems in this section, when our trucks blocked the left lane at times when the weather conditions changed, it was snowing, or there was snow. Trucks were not only in the right lane, but also started to pass in the left lane, where they stopped. It was not possible for the spills to pass through. This situation was very problematic and caused complications many kilometers before the given city, according to the words of the highland policeman Dana rtkov.

According to Rdl, the carriers and therefore also the owners of trucks should be informed about the news regarding the failure of the previous ones. We have done our best to make sure that you are not surprised. With the help of the Ministry of Transport and BESIP, large transport companies abroad are also learning about it, added Rdl.

The police will immediately check the signs. By the end of the year, the woman faces a penalty of up to 10,000 crowns for this offense, the loss of seven points and the possibility of a driving license for one year.

From the new year, two amendments to the law make it possible to punish this offense and to impose a block fine and 5.5 thousand crowns, and 6 points will be deducted. If it is not possible to take revenge, we will document it and there will be a threat of a sanction and 25 thousand crowns. In the event that an offense is committed by a foreigner who does not agree with him, we are authorized to post bail. It should be up to 50 thousand crowns, Rtkov explains.

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