It is not possible to go out on a windy day, said ernochov. She decorated your troops

It is not possible to go out on a windy day, said ernochov. She decorated your troops
It is not possible to go out on a windy day, said ernochov. She decorated your troops

The minister told the assembled soldiers that Saturday was a commemoration of the five and their 30 comrades, who did not return from being deployed to the Balkans or to the Middle and Near East. She recalled that there are only eight dozen Slovak wind turbines of the wolf world.

and God is inexcusable in this direction. It is therefore a much more important call for us to pass on their legacy to the next generation. I am therefore very glad that this imaginary taffeta has been taken up by the modern windbreakers, she said.

There are about 16,000 foreign missions in modern times, and their number is growing every year. I want to thank you for helping us with the wind, said Ernochov. She pointed out that many veterans find themselves in difficult life situations after leaving the civilian service – they have to deal with the consequences of injuries suffered in the service, and often not only they themselves, but also their families can get into existential problems.

Therefore, from January, contact workers of the Agency for the Support of Wind Powers will help in all regions. Soldiers up to five years from the end of other services, veterans, their relatives and others can apply for financial assistance from the Military Solidarity Fund. The fund received postcards, among other things, from the collection submitted for the Day of the Windmills.

Zslun k for those soldiers

On Saturday, the consecration to ernochov was given to Pavlo Gebr, who saved a military college student, whose heart stopped due to an epileptic seizure, with his skillful resuscitation. The same award went to Michal Tome and Frantiek Vicenda, who together helped the man, only to collapse.

The K is the highest military department award for soldiers in other services and civil servants, it can be awarded for example for bravery and being a commander in battle.

The medal of the Minister of Defense R for service abroad was given to Colonel General Josef Perovsk. Some politician Jaromr Ttina received an award for good journalism.

Windmills are remembered in the world on November 11, 1918, when the decree that ended the First World War entered into force. While abroad, especially in some English-speaking countries or in France, the day has a lot of social resonance, it is not so well remembered in Estonia. It has been officially celebrated here since November 2001.

The symbol of the Day of the Wild Winds is the flower of the wet flour. It refers to the Canadian soldier, Lt. Col. John McCrae, who in 1915 mourned the female comrades killed in Flanders.

Into your hands we put our hoc march and you carry it long. If it goes out, you’ll remember that we were lost here. Only flour will grow on the fields of Flanders, wrote a surgeon who did not see the end of the wolf straight from the ground due to pneumonia in January 1918.

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