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The test showed the most suitable peak photomobile. You can also see him in esk

The test showed the most suitable peak photomobile. You can also see him in esk
The test showed the most suitable peak photomobile. You can also see him in esk

While the Pixel 8 Pro had to bow down to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max in the DxO Mark photomobile evaluation overall, the cheaper Pixel 8, on the other hand, beat its competitors from Apple (iPhone 15 and 15 Plus) in the test. The cheaper of the pair of mid-range Pixel Pixels scored 148 points in the DxO Mark photomobile evaluation, which means it is not competitive with iPhones by those points.

This means that the Pixel 8 is the ninth camera phone in Europe, and the phone, which is sold in Europe at a price of 799 euros (that is, less than 20 thousand crowns), is the most affordable camera phone in this price range. On the other hand, the Honor Magic 5 Pro, which is listed ahead of the Pixel 8, currently costs an enticing 20,990 crowns (the list price is 25,000), so Google’s sovereignty in this regard is not in question.

ebek photomobile DxOMark

156 Huawei P60 Pro
154 Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max
154 Apple iPhone 15 Pro
153 Google Pixel 8 Pro
153 Oppo Find X6 Pro
152 Honor Magic5 Pro
150 Oppo Find X6
149 Huawei Mate 50 Pro
147 Google Pixel 7 Pro
147 Honor Magic 4 Ultimate
146 Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
146 Apple iPhone 14 Pro
145 Apple iPhone 15
145 Apple iPhone 15 Plus
143 Huawei P50 Pro
141 Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
141 Apple iPhone 13 Pro
141 Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
140 Google Pixel 7
140 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
140 Vivo X90 Pro+
140 Xiaomi 13 Ultra

It is interesting that the Google Pixel 8 achieved great results with only two cameras, while the other devices in the top 10 have the fewest cameras. The Pixel 8 is therefore the most built photomobile with a long camera. The Pixel 7 Pro with triple focus even beat the Pixel 7 Pro by a point. The iPhone 15 gloss of the iPhone 14 Pro is not perfect, on the contrary, the point is lost. There are really no differences in that, the reason is that the Pixel 8 falls between the peaks, and the technology is not the same for it.

Compared to last year’s most equipped Pixel 8 Pro, the Pixel 8 compared to its five-year-old predecessor. Compared to the Pixel 7, it was rated eight points better, while the Pro type gained six points this year. And the fourth fact is worth paying attention to, when photographed with the main camera, there are only minimal differences between the pixels of the two planes. While pikov 8 Pro m has 155 points per shot, type 8 m 152 points and the differences in the individual disciplines are really minimal. For comparison, the Pixel 7 Pro lens was shot with the main camera at 148 points and the Type 7 at 145 points, so the distance was the same there.

The Pixel 8 even outperforms its dear colleague in the bokeh effect, here it scores 70 points compared to 65. On the contrary, it loses in the field of view and automatically zooms, because the Pixel 8 lacks a telephoto lens. No less than 129 points is included, and the Samsung Galaxy S23, which has a telephoto lens with a triple optical lens, is perfect for you. It is interesting that even the loss with a wide-angle lens is not as dramatic as one might expect. The Pixel 8 has a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera that scored 109 points in the test, while the Pixel 8 Pro has a 48-megapixel sensor that scored 119 points and is the best in the category. For video, both current top pixels are again the same, they are 148 vs. 149 points in favor of an expensive model.

Compared to the competing iPhone 15, the Pixel 8 performs better in photos taken with the main camera (152 vs. 147) and zoom (129 vs. 114), but loses in the bokeh effect (70 and 80 points), preview on the display (64 vs. 84) and videos (148 vs. 153). Again, it is confirmed that Apple has the best video and then some specific disciplines compared to its competitors.

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