Klaus criticizes the economic steps of the cabinet. “I am saddened by the hopelessness of the government”


“There is bad news about the economy. It needs a change from the beginning, a systemic one, it’s not about whether we approve one billion left or right in the consolidation package,” former president Václav Klaus criticized the actions of the cabinet on Sunday.

“I am saddened not only by the news about the economy, but especially by the hopelessness of the government, which is completely unable to look at it in any serious and fundamental way,” Klaus continued.

“They think it will take care of itself. It won’t solve, changes need to be made, fundamentally free the hands of the corporate sphere, fundamentally reduce the regulation of everything possible, fundamentally remove the green madness that is holding back our economy. That is, to make substantial changes, not the meaningless tinkering on the surface,” he added, adding that the whole thing is “fatally wrong.”

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The Czech Republic has been struggling with high budget deficits in recent years. This year, the government of Petr Fiala pushed through the economy-saving so-called consolidation package in parliament, which aims to reduce the state budget deficit by a total of 150 billion in the next two years.

The changes have yet to be signed by President Petr Pavel, they are to take effect from January. At the same time, the Czech Republic is dealing with high inflation or falling sales.

“The whole idea of ​​economic transformation had several points. The first thought was deregulation, to push the state aside and let the people decide for themselves. Debating about one tax increase is obviously wrong, it will not be enough. More is needed,” says Klaus.

In the program, Klaus also remembered the late former deputy, senator, foreign minister and honorary chairman of TOP 09 Karel Schwarzenberg. He described him as “one of the most visible and prominent figures of our politics in recent decades”.

“Even though I often disagreed with him and we had completely diametrically opposed opinions on many fundamental things, I think we always had very correct relations and we talked to each other well,” recalled the ex-president.

“A great man has passed.” Schwarzenberg is remembered by current and former presidents

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