Karel Schwarzenberg owned extensive property: He owned chateaux, castles and forests


The Schwarzenberg princely family historically belonged to the richest families in Europe and still manages extensive forests, agricultural land and monuments in Germany and Austria. In the Czech Republic, he also recovered part of the property confiscated by the state after the Second World War. However, the late Karel Schwarzenberg did not even ask for what the special law of 1947 prepared him for.

Karel Schwarzenberg at his castle Dřevíč in 2012.

| Photo: CTK

Czech politician and honorary chairman of TOP 09 Karel Schwarzenberg, who died this Saturday at the age of 85, was a member of the Czech branch of the Schwarzenberg family. He was born in 1937 and, as the eldest son, was named after his father – the herald and historian Charles VI, Prince of Schwarzenberg. Antonia’s mother was born a princess of Fürstenberg.

Karel Schwarzenberg died. The former Czech minister was in critical condition

His hereditary noble titles were Prince of Schwarzenberg, Duke of Krumlov, Count of Sulz and Landgrave of Klettgav. He spent part of his childhood at Orlík and Čimelice castles.

Before 1918 it belonged to the family Schwarzenbergs to the richest in all of Europe. The land reform in the 20s of the last century deprived them of a number of plots of land in the Czech Republic. They then lost most of their property due to a special law called Lex Schwarzenberg in 1947, and the remaining one was eventually taken away by the communists after the coup the following year. However, their foreign assets remained.

Čimelice Castle.Source: ČTK

In recent years, the Schwarzenberg family was in the ninth place in the list of the richest Austrians. According to the Austrian magazine Trend, she owned assets of an estimated amount of 280 million euros (6.89 billion crowns), consisting of real estate, agricultural land and forests (almost 19 thousand hectares in Styria and Salzburg and 10 thousand hectares in the Czech Republic and two dozen castles and chateaux). .

After Karl Schwarzenberg adopted Jindřich Schwarzenberg (the head of the main Hlubok-Krumlov family branch), he became the head of the entire family. That is why the administration of the majority of the foreign property of the family passed under him.

What the Schwarzenberg family especially belongs to:

• in the Czech Republic, Orlík nad Vltavou castle, Čimelice, Varvažov and Sedlec castles, Dřevíč and Karlov castles and a house in Voršilská Street in Prague (i.e. properties of the Orlík branch of the Schwarzenberg family)

• in Austria, Murau Castle and Schwarzenberg Palace in Vienna

• in Germany, Schwarzenberg Castle in Scheinfeld, Bavaria (Middle Franconia)

• other properties in Switzerland

Schwarzenberg Castle in Scheinfeld, Bavaria.Schwarzenberg Castle in Scheinfeld, Bavaria.Source: ČTK

It is the properties of both ancestral branches of the then Czechoslovakia to the Schwarzenbergs the second world war occupied “But much worse things happened. They just took our property, there were murders elsewhere,” the Memory of the Nation project quotes Schwarzenberg’s assessment of that time on its website.

Protracted litigation

He acquired the properties seized by the state from the Eagle branch of the family Karel Schwarzenberg in the 1990s in restitution. However, Schwarzenberg did not even seek the property taken away from the Hlubok-Krumlov branch by the Lex Schwarzenberg Act in 1947.

Former foreign minister and honorary chairman of TOP 09 Karel Schwarzenberg died at the age of 85 (pictured on December 9, 2022).

I respected Karel Schwarzenberg, said Zeman. They also remember other personalities

However, Schwarzenberg’s half-sister Alžběta Pezoldová started a protracted legal dispute over extensive properties, including castles in Český Krumlov and Hluboká. However, she was unsuccessful. She managed to break the law in one thing, the family tomb in Třebon was returned to the Schwarzenbergs.

Who takes care of the property now?

The vast majority of family property in Austria and Germany is managed by the Schwarzenberg Foundation, whose board is headed by Karel Schwarzenberg’s son Jan. It is also managed by Orlík na Vltavou, which in the Czech Republic manages the property of the Schwarzenbergs, i.e. manages forests and agricultural areas.

Orlík Castle from the opposite bank of the Orlík Reservoir. Petr Mašek, BerounOrlík Castle from the opposite bank of the Orlík Reservoir. Petr Mašek, BerounSource: Petr Mašek

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