Record food collection. and donated 624 tons of goods

Record food collection. and donated 624 tons of goods
Record food collection. and donated 624 tons of goods

The collection continues in e-shops until November 21, when 700 tons of donated goods will be collected.

That amount is amazing, those 624 tons surprised us. And it’s not the end, the form of online collection will be completed, so it is estimated that it will be a total of 700 tons, said the president of the Czech Federation of Food Banks, Ale Slavek. According to him, it will be evaluated in five 14 days how the specific foods people bought the most.

According to Slavek, they also proved that they are not indifferent to the fate of others who found themselves in that life situation. In the end, five thousand volunteers joined.

On Saturday, at 2051 stores, people could hand over their purchases to volunteers in green coats in all shopping centers or in Rossmann drogerie, dm drogerie markt and Teta. The event was attended by Internet supermarkets Rohlk and Kok and e-shops such as Tesco and Billa, which prepared electronic vouchers and various aid packages.

For example, customers of more than 180 Tesco stores donated 100 tons of food and drugs to the autumn food collection, according to Iva Pavlouskov from the press department of Tesco Stores R, which is 25 tons more than in the spring round of collection.

In stone shops, people could buy and then donate basic non-perishable food, such as flour, sugar, cereals, rice, lye, oil, non-perishable milk, baby food, meat and other canned goods, instant semi-finished products and drug products such as ampoons, soaps, children’s diapers, flakes, toilet paper, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

The donated goods will now be transported to food bank warehouses, from where they will then be distributed to individual charitable organizations and towns and villages where necessary.

The collection of food is one of the largest material charity events in the Czech Republic, and many volunteers, store employees and non-profit organizations are involved in it throughout the country.

In previous collections, 4,659 tons of food, i.e. about 9.32 million portions of food, and 595 tons of basic hygiene needs have been collected so far. The operation of food banks is financially supported by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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