Greta Thunberg’s speech was interrupted by a climate demonstration participant. He read the Palestinian woman’s invitation to her


Tens of thousands of people took part in the event ten days before the Dutch parliamentary elections, demanding a stronger response from the government on climate change.

“As a climate justice movement, we must listen to the voices of those who are oppressed and those who fight for freedom and justice. There can be no climate justice without international solidarity,” Thunberg said during her speech, according to the AP agency.

Photo: Piroschka Van De Wouw, Reuters

Climate activist Greta Thunberg confronted by a disgruntled participant in a demonstration in Amsterdam

After the invited Palestinian and Afghan women spoke, Thunberg continued her speech for a while before a man joined her on stage.

“I came here for a climate demonstration, not for a political opinion,” he managed to say to Thunberg before being escorted off the stage.


Greta Thunberg’s confrontation did not spoil her mood

However, Thunberg apparently did not let this spoil her mood, later photos from the protest in Amsterdam show her with a broad smile on her face.

The 20-year-old Swedish climate activist caused quite a stir in late October when she posted a photo of herself on Instagram with the caption “I stand for Gaza.”

Photo: Piroschka Van De Wouw, Reuters

Tens of thousands of people took part in Sunday’s protest in Amsterdam

“The world must speak up and call for an immediate ceasefire, justice and freedom for the Palestinians and all affected civilians,” she wrote in reference to Israel’s retaliatory strikes on the Gaza Strip.

At the same time, she did not even mention the terrorist attacks by Hamas on October 7, which provoked the reaction of the Jewish state.

Greta can’t rest. The police dragged her away again, a few hours before she was fined

Greta stood trial in Sweden

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