We have received fuel for essential services in the Gaza Strip, the UN announced


According to a representative of the Egyptian Red Crescent, tankers with 129,000 liters of fuel destined for UNRWA arrived at the Rafah border crossing. The authority itself states in a statement that the supply of 120,000 liters of fuel was approved.

Saturday’s delivery should last the office for two days. However, according to the authority’s announcement, such an amount does not cover the volume required for the operation of health services, sewage and water infrastructure, waste collection or the operation of bakeries.

“We are calling for a satisfactory, regular and unconditional supply of fuel,” UNRWA chief Philippe Lazzarini said, adding that the organization needs 160,000 liters of fuel per day.

Photo: Mohammed Salem, Reuters

The ruins of houses in Khan Younis in the south of the Gaza Strip

Fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip have been blocked by Israel since October 7 due to fears that the fuel could be used by Hamas for its combat operations. Israel’s war cabinet approved the import of a limited amount of fuel at the request of the United States on Friday, according to the BBC.

UNRWA already received the first supply of fuel for the operation of UN vehicles with a volume of 23,000 liters on Wednesday. Then on Friday evening, telecommunications network operators in the Gaza Strip received fuel, which allowed them to restore the functioning of telephone connections and Internet connections, which had been out of order since Thursday.

The Israeli government has allowed two tankers of diesel a day to the Gaza Strip

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