Get them back. Tens of thousands of people in Jerusalem asked the government to do more for the kidnapped


A protest march that left Tel Aviv on Tuesday arrived in Jerusalem. Thousands of other people joined him in the city. According to Reuters, 20,000 people demonstrated on Saturday; according to some Israeli media, there were over 30,000 participants in the protest.

One of the leaders of the opposition, Jair Lapid, also joined the protesters, who is demanding the resignation of the prime minister.

“We can’t wait any longer, we ask (the government) to act now, to pay any price to get the hostages back,” one protester, whose girlfriend is among the abductees, told Reuters. Other participants in the protest expressed themselves similarly.

Free us, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s hostage demands in a video shot by Hamas

According to The Times of Israel, many relatives of the abductees feel abandoned by the government. They blame Prime Minister Netanyahu for not negotiating with them. The server of the Ha’arec daily wrote in the afternoon that the prime minister’s office announced a meeting between the war cabinet and representatives of the relatives, which should take place in the coming days.

Photo: Ronen Zvulun, Reuters

People marched from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

This week, the media reported that Qatar brokered negotiations between the Israeli government and the Hamas movement for the release of the abductees. There are about 240 of them, according to Hamas, several people died in Israeli strikes and four were released.

According to the media, Qatar has formulated an offer that includes the release of several dozen abductees in exchange for a few days’ pause in the fighting and the release of some of the Palestinians imprisoned in Israel.

Photo: Reuters

Demonstration in Jerusalem

The Israeli army found the body of a woman kidnapped by Hamas near Ash-Shifah hospital in Gaza

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