StarDance leaves Adamczyk. But Hradilek danced the worst


StarDance competition it is of course about dance and above all it is evaluated. On the other hand, it’s also a fun show, so humor, jokes and news are also part of it. And it was no different yesterday either, there were quite a lot of funny situations and comments.

Marek Adamczyk and Lenka Nora Návorková – funny losers

They chose a song from a movie for their jive Top Gun, but the truth is that they are unfortunately a little overrated. There was something that moderator Tereza Kostková jokingly called Adamczyk’s window – yes, the actors completely lost their steps at one point and it was impossible not to notice.

But to his credit, he was able to withstand his mistake and the jury’s criticism with a smile and apt comments. “I am fulfilling my dreams here, but unfortunately nightmares,” he said, simply not letting the steps get in his way, it amused him. But even though the jury didn’t rate their performance the worst, the audience decided that these two are ending in StarDance.

Eva Adamczyková and Jakub Mazuch – mysterious rebels

They danced tango and chose a song from the animated fairy tale Rebelka. Eva Adamczyková she revealed that she always wanted to be like that. More commotion than their dance (even though it was rated relatively well) was caused by the couple’s bet on whether or not Jakub Mazuch would wear a kilt on the day of the performance. During training, he claimed that he would go to the square in earnest.

Right after the dance, the moderator Mark Eben of course he asked, “I don’t want to see it, nobody wants to see it, but to be fair, who won your bet?” Eva looked mysterious and her dance partner answered evasively enough that maybe the jury saw something. It probably won’t surprise anyone that he reacted Richard Genzerwho joked: “I saw it and it’s hard to get rid of this sight.”

Vavřinec Hradilek and Kateřina Bartuněk Hrstková – in danger

They chose the cartoon Sing and dance the jive. But it was too fast on Vavřinka Hradilk, he lost his rhythm and it simply didn’t work out very well. And the jury did not spare them. “Well, Vávra, that’s the first time I’m afraid of Mr. Chlopčík next to me,” she said Tatiana Drexler and she was not wrong. Zdeněk Chlopčík confirmed that Hradilek was out of rhythm the whole time: “You couldn’t keep up, you were out of tune, don’t expect anything good,” he added at the end.

All of a sudden, this couple became the weakest for last night, which was also confirmed by Marek Eben. “I’m declaring a state of emergency, code red,” Eben said to the audience, indirectly urging them to save the athletes with their voices. And that’s exactly what happened, despite the unsuccessful performance in the competition Hradilek remains.

Iva Kubelková and Martin Prágr – the most touching performance

They danced a waltz to a song from the movie Legend of Passion. It was a romantic, poignant and definitely hilarious performance, but before him Iva Kubelkova she couldn’t resist and spoke very emotionally about the fact that war (which plays one of the main roles in the film) will never bring anything good to anyone. “Pity any love that’s ruined by someone not being able to agree,” she sighed.

However, Mark Eben’s first reaction was not very tender. After the dance, he said that the model’s final dying, when she ends up on the ground next to her dead lover, reminded him of his dachshund, Bobš. “He also snuggles like this beautifully.” But the model and presenter handled it with her own grace, saying: “Film music is very emotional and we tried to convey that to the viewer as well.”

Darija Pavlovičová and Dominik Vodička – the sweetest couple

They also danced a waltz and chose the animated fairy tale Shrek. Pavlovičová transformed into Princess Fiona and her dance partner into Prince Krason. They were cute and Krasoň became the target of several funny comments. Marek Eben began, who, looking at him, said: “Dominik is so beautiful. I think if he kissed me he would be of me Brad Pitt.” But Richard Genzer disagreed and countered: “If that’s how you imagine Krason, then I still have a chance.”

Josef Maršálek and Adriana Mašková – a shocking transformation

The popular confectioner danced the tango with his partner and they chose a song from the iconic series Gangs of Birmingham. And so the good confectioner, as Marek Eben called him, had to transform into a dangerous and unpredictable gangster. “At first I thought Krakonoš was coming from the prom, but then you got me out of it. It really suited you,” Richard Genzer and the jury as a whole praised his performance Josef Maršálek she praised enough. But we didn’t trust that gangster anyway. He danced well, the tango fit him relatively well, but he seems more like a good guy than a gangster. It (thankfully) doesn’t do anything about it.

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