Gold hockey stick, painting by Jgr. The knights had a touching fight with the positive Avenger


He is a legend of eskho hockey. It was nice to meet him and play with him. Just ask him, and he will be able to retire and take care of his family, said Kladno chief Michael Frolk.

First, the family accompanied Plekanec to the hockey retirement. On the red carpet on the ice, the two main actors of the ceremony marched around the fire in a light jacket. Behind him, a model, former tennis player Lucie Plekanec, pictured with their young children, Leontka and Oliver, in a Kladna jersey.

Farewell to Tom Plekanec. Watch the cube with model Luci Plekanec afová and children.

On the dice were the harvests from the career of the retired tonker, who was beaten not only in Kladno, but also in Montreal in the NHL. Former teammates like Max Pacioretty or Brendan Gallagher sent him video messages. I miss your dream in Athens, I learned a lot from you, even playing cards. Come on over here, announced a fellow named from the Canadiens cabin.

All the players thanked in unison how he had helped them in their career, how he had taken them under his wing. We will play tennis in lt! Artturi Lehkonen woke him up.

Farewell to Tom Plekanec. On the dice were messages from two teammates.

Alois Hadamczik, coach of the national team, also spoke from under the ceiling, allowing Plekanec to join the national team. I recognized you as an excellent hockey player and a great hunter, declared the owner of 3 medals from the world championship, who also became the junior world champion.

The 11-year-old Plekanec stopped his career because it never ends before three weeks, then he represented the Karjala tournament as the new assistant coach of the Czech national team, Radim Rulek, and waved to the fans in his hometown.

Kladent fans paid tribute to Tom Plekanec, who had a career.

the extraliga editor Martin Loukota dedicated a kilo puck to him with the word 313, i.e. with sweat saved in the Czech language. Currently not playing, the owner of Ryt Jaromr Jgr presented Plekanac with a gold Kladno jersey and a painting with his likeness. Author’s signature in the corner: Vrna. It was initiated by Jaromr Jgr personally, the club’s press secretary Jaroslav Keimar revealed.

Jaromr Jgr will give Tom Plekanec a gold jersey.

And then Plekanc’s golden hands gripped the golden hockey stick, which Kladno captain Radek Smolek pedaled for his team. In reality, the hockey stick is brass and worth tk. In the 1:1 mass, a fold is included in the exact copy. sure the work of Mr. Minak, artificial metal and horseshoes from Kamennchy ehrovice, showed the speech of the manufacturer of the hockey puck.

Frolk claimed: The golden hockey stick was also in the NHL, we copied it from them and merged. It’s a beautiful memento and a piece to display somewhere and remember me.

The captain of the positive team, Radek Smolek, presents the golden hockey stick to Tom Plekanac.

Then Plekanec only faced the bullpen against Plzeň captain Jan Schleiss, he kept the special puck with the horseshoe. And lastly, he motioned to the followers, who were surrounded by countless printers.

It doesn’t always combine hockey with some humanity. The element that he is a good hunter plays a role with Tom. It’s a shame of duplicity when such a game ends, said Kladno coach Otakar Vejvoda young. Jet could play at an excellent level. Last season he scored in the 200s on the pizza.

This year, he managed only nine saves with his thorn on his jersey, including one goal and two assists. No, his health betrayed him. That’s why he only wears tennis shoes at the ice table.

The club also dedicated to him a garden suite, fan thanks banners and chanting, cauldron breathtaking choreo. Near Plekanc’s drawing, there is a table: Captain Pleky, Kladensk Avenger. I mean, a superhero. On the cube was a white replica of his medallion and interesting things from the hockey rink. She didn’t drink much, Kladno got two goals in the last minute and lost 2:4.

Interesting facts about the meadow with Tomi Plekanec on the block in Kladno.

It flashed in my head when we had a night out that it would be nice to win, so that Pleky would have sex with girls too, the Duke knew.

The blanket will be completely torn away from you instantly. We talked about it just today, whether he would join the implementation team, but it doesn’t seem like it yet, said the head coach of Kladno. What if he would help the younger ones? He had something else to worry about today.

Farewell to the hockey legend Tom Plekance, formerly of Kladno.

Farewell to a great career that was successful. Captain Smolek summed it up: It was as good a song as they send. Magnificent, moving, beautiful. And from the heart.

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