Adamczyk’s unlucky Saturday in StarDance: An evening full of mistakes!


The actor stepped onto the floor with an unlucky foot. In the jiva to the tune from the movie Top Gun, he completely lost his steps!

Spin on your head

If the dancer Lenka Nora Návorková him (32) “she didn’t drag” where she needed, he would stand in the middle of the floor like a totem. “Lenka was driving and I was waiting for when I would be able to participate again and I just existed. He waited for his opportunity,” described to the newspaper Aha! Adamczyk. “I grabbed him and started to repeat our poems from training to him. I’m sorry I didn’t let you improvise, you might have been dizzy,” Lenka said to Mark. And bad luck remained in the Adamczyk family.

A snap in the shoulder

Immediately after Marko, his wife Eva came in and during the tango with Jakub Mazůch (35) to the tune from the film Braveheart, she failed a difficult backflip and fell on her head. Fortunately, she had a voluminous red wig, which cushioned the fall and prevented, for example, a concussion! “Only” the shoulder took it away. “It clicked a little bit, but it didn’t fall out completely and it popped right back up. It didn’t even hurt,” described Aha! an Olympic snowboarder who has a lot of experience with this injury. “You never know with me, it was probably also fatigue. My shoulder is capable of falling out even if I wave my hand in the air a bit. I would have to lie in bed so that nothing happens,” Adamczyková added with a smile. She regretted not dancing against her husband in the final more than the carom on the dance floor. When Marek thanked her after falling out, she even had tears in her eyes and literally carried him in her arms during the final lift!

Marek Adamczyk after StarDance: I am most angry with myself

The disgraced Hradilek

The lowest grade from the executioner Zdenek Chlopčík (66) received Adamczyk’s »brother in dance« Vavřinec Hradilek (36). He rated him just three points for being off the beat! “I felt that one slide terribly and it threw me off at the beginning. Since I don’t have a rhythm in my head and I have stress from the live broadcast, I didn’t come back at all. But it wasn’t just shoes,” admitted the Olympic kayaker, who wore dress shoes instead of sneakers at the last minute. He regrets the most that Marek was eliminated from the competition. “It’s sad, we were such brothers in the dance,” lamented Vávra.

Marek Adamczyk after falling out: Everything hurts now…

It was his first and last season at the same time. Marek Adamczyk forgot his steps on the dance floor for the first time and it was his last dance. In an interview with Aha! revealed that he was not fully fit.

You were with Vavřinec Hradilk in the final shootout. Are you glad you took it on for him?

“When I saw Vavřinec dance, I was completely delighted with him. And I’m glad I took it upon myself, because Vávra is my brother in dance.”

He told me again that he messed it up more than you and that he should have gotten out!

“That’s very nice of him, but I’m happy to leave it to him and watch him in the next rounds.”

Richard Krajco even after dropping out, he continues to train three times a week. Do you have any such plans?

“I don’t know, we haven’t dealt with these things yet. We’ll see. Everything hurts enough already, so I would definitely prescribe a few days of rest.’

You lost your steps during the jiva. Have you ever experienced such a big window on stage?


Did something specific decide you?

“I was not thrown off by anything. Paradoxically, I told myself before the transfer that I wouldn’t keep repeating the steps so that I wouldn’t get nervous that they would just appear by themselves. And not all of them appeared.’

Will you continue to go to the Prague Exhibition Center to support your wife Eva?

“Yes I will!”

Marek Adamczyk dropped out of StarDance: Everything hurts anyway!

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