Experts warn against the cheapening of energy. There may be a catch

Experts warn against the cheapening of energy. There may be a catch
Experts warn against the cheapening of energy. There may be a catch

Most suppliers should soon send their customers information about adjusted energy prices for next year. Some will receive letters offering lower prices. But experts recommend being careful with them.

People who don’t have a guaranteed price will probably just get a notification. But those with fixations can get an offer of more favorable conditions. However, the director of the energy section of Kalkulá, Lukáš Kaňok, points out in a press release that there is a catch.

According to him, customers should expect that the supplier will not take care of them as well as they take care of themselves. It will not discount more than necessary. He therefore recommends looking at how the competition is doing.

“If this is also your case, find out under what conditions you can purchase electricity or gas from another supplier, what products are currently offered by other suppliers who want to get new customers. Make the most of it for yourself. Because when you find out that the ‘best price on the market’ is actually still very expensive compared to the competition, so you might end up deciding to change,” said Kaňok.

People with a contract for an indefinite period can therefore switch to a cheaper offer three months after concluding a new contract. Those with an indefinite contract have two options. They can either wait until she’s done or terminate her and accept the sanction.

“This is exactly what you need to look at really carefully and not overlook anything. Of course, if the fine is, for example, 5,000 crowns and you save 700 crowns on each megawatt hour consumed, it is not worth it to you to terminate the contract with the fine, if you do not to have savings greater than just 5,000 crowns,” Kaňok explained.

“This will not be the case with small consumption, so it is worthwhile to wait for the end of the contract and not pay the fine. However, it is worth considering signing a new contract with another supplier in advance, in order to secure very good prices today, which may not be available next year. This way, you will stay with your current supplier until the end of the contract and avoid paying a penalty,” he added.

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