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Other models are added to the ranking of the world’s best photomobiles, which gradually succeed in displacing the previous leaders and surpassing their scores. Huawei and Apple have long been the main competitors in the well-known Dxomark mobile camera test, and Google recently joined them with its new Pixel 8 Pro model. After shuffling the order several times, the leaderboard currently has a new leader.

According to the Dxomark test, the Huawei Mate 60 Pro+ is currently the best smartphone for photography

The best camera phone right now is a flagship smartphone Huawei Mate 60 Pro+, which is only sold in the Chinese market. With a score of 157, it surpassed its stable sibling Huawei P60 Pro by one point (this model is also sold in the Czech Republic), and beat the new iPhone 15 Pro by three points.

Rear Camera Assembly:

Huawei Mate 60 Pro+

  • primary: 48MP, 24mm, f/1.4 – f/4.0 (variable aperture), AF, OIS
  • wide-angle: 40MP, 13mm, f/2.2, AF
  • telephoto: 48MP, 90mm, f/3.0, OIS, AF

Source: Dxomark

Testers from Dxomark praise the Mate 60 Pro+ for its versatility and excellent results in still photography, both from the primary camera with variable aperture, as well as from the wide-angle and telephoto lens. The best among the tested mobiles is the bokeh effect and also the autofocus.

Partial results from the Dxomark synthetic photo and video test

For video, the phone did not manage to reach the maximum in any of the disciplines, the partial video result of 148 points is not enough for the iPhone 15 Pro (they have 158). Despite certain reservations (loss of details or noise in difficult lighting conditions), this Huawei still represents a high standard for video recording.

Extra chipset, extra system, extra materials

The Huawei Mate 60 Pro+ is the highest model of the Mate 60 series, which, in addition to the model of the same name, also includes the Mate 60 Pro, the aforementioned Mate 60 Pro+ and also the special design edition Mate 60 RS Ultimate Design, which is supposed to replace the terminated cooperation with the German Porsche Design studio. The models differ from each other in some details in the equipment (especially cameras) and slightly also in appearance (only the Mate 60 RS is significantly different).

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While the Mate 60 and Mate 60 Pro models are practically indistinguishable visually, the luxurious Mate 60 RS with a ceramic back also has a different design of the camera module

What caught our attention on the phone was the combination of several materials on the back side – in most cases it is metal and glass, sometimes leatherette or ceramic. A distinct distinguishing feature is the arch in the lower back, which is highlighted with a black line on the Pro+ model. It then stretches along the upper perimeter frame. “Neplus” models do not have this thick line and their appearance is perhaps a bit cleaner, more minimalistic.

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You can recognize the Huawei Mate 60 Pro+ thanks to the unconventional trio of holes in the display. Like all other Huawei models in China, it runs Harmony OS. The price tag is astronomical even by Chinese standards (more than 30,000 crowns in conversion)

After a long time, these are Huawei phones that also support 5G connectivity (thanks to the Kirin 9000s chipset), which is especially important in the Chinese market, because in densely populated cities we can encounter overloading of mobile networks and 5G networks take on part of the traffic. It is also typical for Huawei phones in China to use their own operating system Harmony OS (currently in version 4). In Europe, the manufacturer continues to use unlicensed Android (AOSP) and the EMUI superstructure on it.

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