The fight for the climate is a continuation of November, Fendrych started. The right-winger couldn’t hold back and wrote about pig faces


20/11/2023 21:48 | Monitoring

Commentator Martin Fendrych returned to the weekend celebrations on November 17, when, according to him, we could watch a “generational clash”, namely in connection with the strike of universities for the climate, which was condemned on this day by some matadors of the Czech political scene, such as Miroslav Kalousek . Like the Fendrych students, he emphasized that they were following the year 1989. Honza Paluska, a well-known internet right-winger, loudly disagreed, according to whom the promotion of this communism in a new guise on this date is the height of disgust.


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Description: University students started a three-day strike on Wednesday to fight climate change

According to Fendrych, the clash was clearly visible when a procession of about two hundred Universities for Climate passed through Prague. Miroslav Kalousek, founder of the right-wing party TOP 09, commented on their parade by saying: “Don’t confuse climate protection with November 17 celebrations. That’s a completely different genre and they should use different data for that.”

However, Fendrych points out to Kalouska’s words that the students are following up on November 1989 and demanding capitalism with a human face. “Strange argumentation. Among other things, the students on strike this year pointed to the fact that their predecessors in 1989 were asking for similar things as the current ones. For example, affordable housing for young families. The topic 34 years ago was also the environment, which was one of the triggers of the velvet revolution. Since then, the environment in the Czech Republic has improved a lot, but not enough, not in such a way that we would slow down climate change,” added Fendrych.

He mentioned that the students are demanding capitalism with a human face. “The old politicians are grumbling, every fox is chasing its tail. Kalousek expressed what many of his peers, battered by capitalism, were thinking. We have nothing better than capitalism, we have already experienced communism and socialism and it was hell. OK, but at the same time surely even us old people understand that we do not live in flawless capitalism,” he writes in a comment on current events on the website

Honza Paluska, a member of the ruling ODS and well-known internet glossary, expressed disagreement with his words. “My family enjoyed the achievements of socialism. In 1989, our family (including me and my brother) was on the ‘barricades’. In truth, the first demonstration I remember from my dad’s arms took place already in January 1989. Anti-communist before it was cool. That’s why I’m so turned on by today’s pig-faced scumbags who grew up in freedom and with a golden spoon in their ass, when they grind their platitudes about the democratization of property and anti-capitalism. I wish them a week in their dream socialist paradise. One week! It would be after the strike for Kim,” he wrote in his Facebook comment.

“Even I am not satisfied with where we have come in the 34 years. It also pisses me off that the 90s, the most free years this country has ever experienced, have once again turned into a normalization gray. Once again, in business, I am dependent on the whim of a comrade official more than my abilities. Once again, people are afraid to open the crossbow, lest they accidentally commit ‘support for terrorism’. Someone tells me again how much property is enough. Books are being censored again. Once again, the bureaucrat tells me what the ‘truth’ is. However, in my opinion, unlike Mr. Fendrych, the path does not lead to granting power to people who would like to complete the victorious February to perfection. And nothing changes the fact that this time instead of red flags, green ones would be flying,” continues Paluska.

“With that, Mr. Fendrych and the whole company of modern Komsomol members can lick me to the max… And it would be nice if they didn’t kindly take November 1989 in their mouths. They don’t have the slightest right to it,” he concluded.

Citizen activist Tomáš Peszyński also has serious doubts about the intention of capitalism with a human face, as climate activists state: “Capitalism with a human face is certainly a laudable idea. However, I don’t believe that they want it that way,” he states.

He also sees the problem in the fact that similar strikes do not lead to anything, they should rather better communicate climate issues to the public. “For example, the European Union has a great plan to fight climate change, but our society is as afraid of it as it is of refugees. Activists should speak to the public and explain the need for change. But a one-time protest is easier,” added Tomasz Peszyński.

Another debater added a somewhat sharper expression towards the striking students for the climate, “let them go to hell”.

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author: Natalia Brozovská

The article is in Czech

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