A special tax for energy companies? The coalition will discuss it


The pirates came up with three variants. According to the first, it would be paid by companies producing electricity from coal, according to the second also by companies producing electricity from nuclear power, and the third option envisages that the tax would be for all energy companies with a turnover of over 500 billion crowns per year. It could be introduced either from October or from January, for two to three years.

According to the Pirates, this could add ten to 20 billion crowns a year to the budget. “This money could then be used to directly help people, whether for parental valorisation or an increase in the subsistence level,” the chairman of the Pirates, Ivan Bartoš, told ČT.

He stressed that companies now have significantly higher profits due to rapidly rising energy prices. The STAN movement is also considering higher taxation of energy companies. “After all, it is based on our joint program with Pirates and it is close to us,” STAN chairman Vít Rakušan told ČT.

“We are certainly open to debate. It is not yet about specific parameters, “said the head of TOP Markéta Pekarová Adamová. “In this exceptional situation, we have to think about where we can possibly strengthen some more income,” the Minister of Labor Marian Jurečka (KDU-ČSL) also admitted the debate.

Do not increase taxes vs. solidarity

ODS Prime Minister and Chairman Petr Fiala has doubts about the introduction of a special tax. “We generally do not want to raise taxes, we do not see a reasonable path in this. But here we have to talk about how to make that solidarity here, “he said. But he called on energy companies to share their high profits with the rest of society.

For example, the net profit of the ČEZ energy group in the first quarter of this year increased by 218 percent year on year to 26.7 billion crowns. The reason for the growth is, among other things, the enormous rise in commodity prices on wholesale markets and a record profit from commodity trading on Western European markets. CEZ’s majority shareholder is the state, which holds about 70 percent of the shares through the Ministry of Finance.

The opposition believes that the state would get more money into the budget thanks to a higher dividend from CEZ. “And immediately let them support households and businesses. It’s fast and I don’t have to introduce a complicated sector tax, “said ANO Vice President Karel Havlíček. “These companies, such as large coal-fired power plants, should offer the Czech Republic a social tariff,” said SPD Vice President Radim Fiala.

This week, the Ministry of Finance proposed that CEZ pay shareholders a dividend of CZK 48 per share. The company’s management wants to propose a dividend of 44 crowns at the June general meeting.

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