The Ukrainians will be helped by the Czech drone Bivoj


The drone is offered by the company as a set, which includes three aircraft as standard, a pilot-operator control station, a trekking antenna or a satellite module and a catapult. It is from him that the drone takes off.

“If we’re talking about a radio signal, it can be sent to a distance of 50 to 60 kilometers. It is from such a circle that he can collect data and return, “a company representative told reporters. Even one person is enough to operate, if the drone has an autonomous pilot set up, he knows where to fly and what his tasks are.

The designers have also developed an intervention version that can carry ammunition. The total weight of the machine is 25 kilograms, the wingspan is 3.3 meters. In the air, the machine can collect data for up to six hours, taking into account the specifics of the design of the so-called negative wing. According to the company’s representatives, the drone is compact, easy to move and does not need a paved surface.

“He is currently in the process of military certification,” said Dědek. He added that Ukraine does not need this certification. “So far, we have invested about 25 million crowns and a collection is announced within the fictitious e-shop,” said Dědek.

So far, the company has produced two observation drones that Ukrainians could get in a short time, and is working on drones for combat. These drones function as a so-called machine with delayed ammunition, which could be delivered to Ukraine in a few weeks.

Presentation of the Czech observation drone Bivoj

Photo: Ondřej Hájek, ČTK

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