The Galaxy S24 Ultra has the best display of any mobile. But the camera is only enough for 18th place –


Even with this year’s generation of the latest Galaxy S24 Ultra photo mobile, Samsung did not manage to dominate the ranking of the recognized French Dxomark test. His methodology does not work for him in the long term for some reason, because no Samsung has yet topped the list of the best mobile phones for photography, and this year’s novelty did not succeed either. However, the South Korean manufacturer has created a taste in another category – according to Dxomark, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is currently the smartphone with the best display on the market.

Dxomark became famous for testing stand-alone cameras and SLRs, from which it gradually progressed to testing cameras in smartphones and recently added ratings in other categories – audio, display and battery. Among the photomobiles, phones from Huawei or Honor are most often at the top of the list, regular competition in the Top 5 in the area of ​​the main camera is also made by iPhones from Apple or Pixels from Google.

Effective stabilization, lame autofocus

Samsung usually does not attack the top itself, and this also applies to the newly introduced and now sold Galaxy S24 Ultra model. Its camera received an overall score 144 points, which is enough for 18th place in the current ranking as of January 31, 2024. For example, all four “fifteen” iPhones, as well as more than a year old iPhone 14 Pro, Pixel 7 Pro and other models, got ahead of the Ultra.

From the analysis of the final mark, consisting of partial marks for individual photography and videography disciplines, it follows that the most points went to Ultra in automatic focus and noise level in still photos. The testers did not notice such a big problem with video, and they also praise the very effective image stabilization. However, the new Ultra lost a significant 21 points to the iPhone 15 Pro Max benchmark for the best recording phones, which was also reflected in the overall score.

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The breakdown of the final score into the main categories (photo, zoom, video) shows where Samsung loses the most points against the iPhone – it’s video shooting

The Ultra’s strongest point is not even shooting in low-light conditions, where the image loses some of the details. On the contrary, the test confirmed that the intergenerational change in the telephoto lens does not have a negative impact on zoomed-in images, and the phone handles them at least as well as its predecessor. The novelty exceeds last year’s Galaxy S23 Ultra model by 4 points in total.

You can find a complete test of the Dxomark camera in the Galaxy S24 Ultra here

However, Dxomark awarded the Galaxy S24 Ultra a first, and the category is far from completely unexpected. The phone is equipped with the currently best display of all smartphones. In the methodology Dxomark obtained 155 pointswhich means one more point than the reigning Google Pixel 8 Pro until recently, and thus a well-deserved first place.

The display is especially praised for its excellent readability in the sun without glare, thanks to the high maximum brightness and the new type of cover glass. The absolute best rated of all display disciplines is the display of motion scenes during video playback and gaming. On the contrary, the correct detection of unwanted accidental touches could be improved.

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