Apple started selling virtual glasses. The first batch is already disassembled

Apple started selling virtual glasses. The first batch is already disassembled
Apple started selling virtual glasses. The first batch is already disassembled

At the beginning of last year, the black company Apple introduced a brand new product after a long time. However, the first user had to wait until the beginning of this year for the headset for virtual and augmented reality with the Vision Pro label. Meanwhile, it was speculated that the company had not caught all the bugs and so it was expected that there would be a delay and the January sales deadline would not be met.

However, Apple managed to do it in the end, so people from the United States who pre-ordered the glasses can be in for a treat this week. the rush was also that, according to the MacRumors server, the company sold out the entire first supply of about two hundred thousand barrels within ten days, when they could be pre-ordered.

This may have been helped by the recent end of the embargo on Vision Pro reviews in cities that had the headset available. A majority of the reviewers agreed that the glasses offer a very high-quality display and a motion capture system, which would also be available for at least double the price of the most expensive available competitors.

On the other hand, the problem is that the battery only lasts for about two hours without connecting to the mains and thus the lack of applications. However, this may change quickly, because developers will develop a new application for the visionOS operating system.

The company intended to deliver approximately half a million of these headsets this year. There is speculation about the development of a cheaper version that would better fight the competition.

As we wrote above, glasses that look like Lyask are more similar to Hololens from Microsoft, with the only difference being that the surrounding image is projected onto the screen and they are not as clear. After beeping, behave like any other VR headset. Apple’s headset can be controlled using hand movements and gestures.

Two micro-OLED displays with a total resolution of 23 million pixels, each with two 11.5 million pixels per eye, take care of the display. Just for comparison, one 4K display has a resolution of less than 8.3 million pixels. Specially designed Zeiss optics with these elements should create the feeling that the display is everywhere you go.

Apple Vision Pro has an aluminum frame with a glass back. There are two main and two side cameras, those cameras pointing down and recording gestures, respectively two infrared and two TrueDEPTH cameras and one laser LiDAR sensor.

Apple Vision Glasses Analyze your surroundings with the help of a sensor.

There are sensors around the glasses. For monitoring, a system consisting of LEDs, which project invisible patterns on each eye, and infrared cameras has been designed.

There are two IPs in the small display, one M2 for normal work and then a special R1, which takes care of processing the data from the sensors and rendering the image to the display within twelve milliseconds.

The company thus designed a cooling system that gently moves air through the Vision Pro and is silent.

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