Spring temperatures will be blown away by strong winds


On Thursday the weather will be influenced by a cold front, it will be cloudy, rain will increase in most areas during the day, from positions above 800 meters it will be mixed precipitation or snow.

The snowfall limit should gradually decrease, but at the same time the precipitation will also stop. Temperatures should range between 3 and 8 °C, although the feeling temperature will be reduced by a fresh north-westerly wind. It will gradually strengthen in the coming days.

On Friday it will be cloudy to overcast, with rain in some places, and snow in the mountains at first. In the morning, temperatures drop to -2 °C, during the day they rise to 4 to 8 °C. In the Czech Republic in particular, fresh wind must be expected.

On Saturday it will be cloudy, even cloudy in the north and there will be rain in places. Morning temperatures will drop to 6 to 1 °C, and in the afternoon they will reach 8 to 12 °C,” said Honsová, adding that fresh winds must still be expected in the Czech Republic.

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Also Sunday will bring prevailing cloudy to overcast, with rain in places. The lowest temperatures in the morning will fluctuate between 8 and 4 °C, reaching 8 to 12 °C during the day. The wind will increase and in gusts it can have a speed of around 70 kilometers per hour.

Weather with high clouds and places with rain will also last on Monday. The lowest morning temperatures will drop to 8 to 4 °C, daily maximums will reach 8 to 13 °C. Windy weather will continue with gusts of up to 70 kilometers per hour.

Tuesday and Wednesday it should be mostly cloudy with some rain and morning temperatures between 8 and 4°C. The highest temperatures for both days will remain in the range of 8 to 12 °C. It will continue to be true that strong winds will blow, with gusts reaching a speed of 70 kilometers per hour.

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