Dry February begins. Up to a million people suddenly give up alcohol


The Dry February awareness event is now entering its twelfth year. While at the beginning of the campaign, which is supposed to draw attention to excessive alcohol consumption and calls on people to abstain for a month, only about a hundred brave people signed up for it, currently almost a million people abstain from alcohol in February.

Not drinking is an art. This is the motto of Dry February, a challenge that since 2013 has encouraged the Czechs to abstain for the entire (shortest) month of the year.

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According to findings, on the edge of risky alcohol consumption State Health Institutewhich processes data for the National Research on Tobacco and Alcohol Use in the Czech Republic, in 2022 alone over twelve percent of Czechs used

The opinions of experts from various fields about the now-starting Dry February campaign differ just like the opinions of ordinary people:

Dry February from the point of view of experts: Helping people sleep, pubs robbing them of money

Data from the General Health Insurance Company show that the number of people seeking medical treatment due to problems caused by alcohol is increasing year by year. health care. “In 2022, there were 27,000 clients, of which more than 18,000 were men. In total, the insurance company paid almost 840 million crowns for the treatment of alcoholics in a given year. Continuously processed data for 2023 so far show that the situation has not improved year-on-year, on the contrary, both the absolute number of treated clients and the associated costs of their treatment have increased slightly,” said Jan Bodnár, deputy director of VZP for health care.

The organizers of the educational event also agree with these conclusions Dry February. “We monitor various statistics and work with many organizations. And the data shows that there are 1.3 to 1.7 million people in the Czech Republic on the verge of risky alcohol consumption, i.e. in a situation where people do not know whether they have alcohol under control, or whether it already controls them,” said campaign organizer Petr Freimann.

Can you avoid alcohol for a month? Take part in the Diary survey:

The beginnings of the Dry February event, the creation of which dates back to 2012, were connected with the League of Open Men. “That’s when we wanted to do something for men’s health. We are now under the banner of the Dry February organization and our base, which wants to do something with its life and health, is slowly growing. And it’s not just men,” Freimann noted.

While in the germ of the campaign, according to him, k monthly abstinence only about a hundred people decided, now the event attracts almost a million interested parties. “We are somewhere around 900,000 people who will join the event. My colleague would like to attack the million mark this year, but I personally believe that we are already moving towards the ceiling,” added the organizer.

It also follows from the data of the organizers that more and more often women decide on forced abstinence. “In previous years, it was fifty-fifty, but now the scales are slowly tipping on the side of women,” added Freimann.

According to him, some will not be satisfied with only a month of abstinence, and on the contrary, not everyone who joins the event will last. “Our data shows that 80 to 90 percent of people can abstain for a whole month. Roughly half then declare in the following months that they drink more moderately compared to the past,” outlined Freimann.

Not drinking is an art. This is the motto of Dry February, the challenge that, since 2013, has encouraged the Czechs to abstain for the entire (shortest) month of the year:

We drink the first league. Can we last a month without alcohol? This is what Dry February is asking this year as well

However, there are also those who make money out of the event. “Recently, I received an email where the gentleman wrote to me that he has not drunk for six hours and he does not notice any changes. But otherwise, we have rather letters of thanks and responses,” added the organizer of the event.

According to the data Czech Statistical Office over the past few years, alcohol consumption has not changed dramatically and remains around 170 liters per person per year, of which 10 liters are pure alcohol. Approximately 10 percent of people over the age of 15 drink alcohol daily. In connection with the consumption of alcohol, six to seven thousand people die in our country every year, of which roughly 2 thousand deaths are directly related to excessive drinking.

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