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The state did not help me after my release, Tempel said in court. He is asking for 86 million in compensation

The state did not help me after my release, Tempel said in court. He is asking for 86 million in compensation
The state did not help me after my release, Tempel said in court. He is asking for 86 million in compensation

Tempel had a one-on-one meeting with his lawyer. He was nervous. my pension will not replace what they gave me. I don’t like solitude, I stay away from people and sleep badly, because I’m afraid they’ll come for me again. It’s not easy, he answered the editor of when asked about the effects of the storm on him and showed the big bag of medicines that he now has to wear.

Judge Klra Babikov announced at the arrest that the verdict would not be handed down at the fourth hearing. She announced that she had put terms in the hole and the abyss.

Physically I respect the time, mentally it will never be good. Don’t fall asleep, I’ll always have it in my head, it can’t be erased. I have to wear glasses to be able to do the job I chose, stt didn’t give me gout. I fight for work so I don’t go crazy, Tempel said before the court.

He added that he had post-traumatic stress syndrome after the flight. I suffer when I am among a lot of people, I seek solitude. Prisoners isolate themselves as a punishment to suffer, even now for a reward, that’s a bit funny. I couldn’t bring myself to let him go, he was sentenced to life. I fell asleep feeling like I was going to die in prison, Tempel noted.

Before he was convicted of the murders, Tempel was serving a sentence for robbery, for which he was imprisoned until August 2016. Since then, Tempel wants to plead not only for the excessive length of his sentence and the time he should not have served, but also for loupee was accessible as a life-sentenced prisoner.

Temple was, for example, locked in a cage inside the cell, he did not have access to personal belongings, when he left the cell he was led with shackles hands and feet and the like. According to his own words, he does not want to eat the media that he drank last night.

I don’t have a problem with technology, mm banking, I pay tax. Give me a road problem. My friend and family helped me, everything. If I was linked to him, I’d be back in prison, Tempel pointed out.

He changed, for example, that he was kept in a guarded prison 23 hours a day, while other prisoners were free to go, for example, to the canteen. He was denied the opportunity to work. Only his family visited him in prison.

Upon hearing, he remarked that he had lost contact with his family. When he was sentenced to life his son was those years old. I wanted to teach my son something, then it’s hard to catch up when you’re released and he’s 24, Tempel noted.

The defense attorney applied for the exclusion of the public from hearing Tempel, who will be dealing with health and psychological problems. The judge agreed to this and the public was excluded for about twenty minutes. The judge put one aside until the end of the tunnel, when she should hear the members of Tempel’s family.

He was defended by the European Court of Human Rights

Stt owed Tempel 3.6 million crowns. The European Court of Human Rights ordered him to pay compensation in the amount of 12,500 euros (approx. 300,000 crowns). On December 1, Tempel did not appear.

Not twenty years have passed since the murders. According to the cover, they happened in a forest parking lot near Hrukov in Sokolovsk, where Tempel paid his victim 400,000 crowns for a car he wanted to buy.

The next line he covered. He saw both the master and the other man and then hit him in the head with an iron one with a piece of concrete and a mounting bolt. According to the packaging, he buried the body the next day in Chebsk.

The temple was troubled by the fact that the murders were not committed by him, but by a hunter nicknamed Biftek, who was thus on the scene and only later in the case acted as a witness. According to Tempel, he lied about drugs and debt repayment. It was the first witness who led the police to the place where the dead youths were buried. Tempel was given life as a summary sentence for the murders and for two counts of burglary.

Only for the justice system was ppad oek. The regional court in Pilsen acquitted Tyikrt Tempel, the Supreme Court in Prague overturned the judgments and demanded evidence. He was finally sentenced to life in prison in 2008 by the Regional Court in Prague, where the Supreme Court sent the case.

The Constitutional Court overturned the verdict in 2021 after the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg defended it. he criticized the Czech Republic for a significant failure of justice in the case of the negotiations. In the long run, the woman confessed her doubts, but under pressure, she appealed the Supreme Court to the first-instance court.

Tempel has been sentenced to life since he was released from prison. The first was Ji Kajnek, who was serving a life sentence for double murder and was pardoned by President Milo Zeman in May 2017. Kajnek was released after 23 years in prison. The second was Frantiek Mller, who was sentenced to life by the German judiciary for the attempted robbery and murder of a jeweler in Germany in 1995. In August 2018, Mller was paroled after serving 20 years.

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