Portuguese farmers joined the protests, the government rushed in with a 12 billion aid package


According to the website Sudinfo.be, Portuguese farmers demand that their work be properly rewarded. “It is very difficult for farmers to make a living. They sell their products for pennies and the shops make a fortune from them,” summed up Ramiro Carvalho Alves, a 48-year-old mason stuck behind tractors on the highway in the northern city of Vilar Formoso.

According to the police, the farmers also blocked the highway with their machines near the town of Elvas in the south and in the towns of Chamusca and Golega.

Photo: Pedro Nunes, Reuters

Portuguese farmers line up their tractors near the town of Elvas on the approach to the A6 highway that connects Portugal to Spain.

According to Reuters, the caretaker government, which has the task of leading the country to early parliamentary elections in March, has already rushed through “support measures” worth half a billion euros (over CZK 12 billion) to help parish priests cope with the consequences of the drought, which affects the south of the country in particular . They also include a reduction in the taxation of non-road diesel.

Greek farmers fight for better insurance

In Greece, protesting farmers are demanding, among other things, compensation for those who did not receive it for the damage caused by storm Daniel, which destroyed a significant part of agricultural production and transport infrastructure in the Thessaly region last September. They also want to change the Zemědělská pojišťovna regulation so that losses for all weather risks are compensated 100 percent.

Belgian farmers blockade the port of Zeebrugge

So far in the past few days they have taken to the streets with tractors, a big event is taking place on Friday in Thessaloniki on the occasion of the 30th edition of Agrotica, the largest agricultural exhibition in the country. Farmers are warning that if the government does nothing, they will block roads and highways near major cities, including Athens.

Farmers’ protests are spreading practically throughout Europe. During them, farmers mainly demand relief from high fuel prices, better selling prices for their products and more favorable insurance for their business. They also complain about the EU’s “corridors of solidarity”, which were created to provide Ukraine with tax-free income from the export of agricultural products.

They wanted to block the food market for Paris. The police arrested 79 farmers


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