Moneta’s 4Q Results Conference Call: Leverage Increases to 90%


2/2/2024 12:58 PM, BAAGECBA

The management proposes to pay out 88% of the certain profit in 2023 and plans to raise the payout ratio to 90% in the following years

Moneta reported a net profit of around 5.2 billion kroner last year and wants to achieve at least the same profit this year. The management proposes to pay out 88% of the total profit, so 9 K per share.

CEO Tom Spurn confirmed during the conference call dividend policy change. In the following years, he would like pay 90% of certain profit (provided that financial targets are met and approved by the regulator). The current dividend policy is to pay a minimum of 70%.

If the financial targets resulting from the overview for the period 2024-2028 are met, shareholders could also receive a dividend in the following years minimum 9 K per share.

During the conference call, the management thus confirmed the established strategy of attracting deposits through attractive offers for its clients. In the medium-term horizon, there is a gap between them growth of 4.6%. vry should grow at a low rate, namely 3.4% per annum.

Management will also apply in the following years strict investment discipline. For this year, operating expenses will only increase by K 100 million (+ 1.2%), assuming that regulatory fees in 2024 will decrease by K 70 million between years. They should decrease due to the fact that last year due to the collapse of Sberbank CZ, levies on fixed deposits have been increased, so the contribution to the Crisis Fund should be zero this year.


Management according to oekv, e some years ago should grow in the second half of this year.

Moneta shares (BAAGECBA) are trading at 101.40 K at the stock exchange and at 101.60 K at RM-SYSTM.

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