“Traffic and fines?” In Brno, a post for one hundred thousand a month was created for a female pirate representative


The post of chairman of the committee for national minorities has so far been vacant. Before Spilková, he was the representative Břetislav Štefan (Social Democracy), who should have received approximately eight thousand a month for him.

According to Spilková, Štefan did not have enough time for the position. And that is precisely because it was carried out loosely and at the same time he was the mayor of the city district. “Other topics and activities were not developed. That needs to be changed,” she told Novinkám.

The pirates therefore initiated the function to be performed loosely. For her new full-time job, Spilková will receive 99,117 crowns a month. “Remunerations for vacant representatives are fixed by law, we do not determine them,” she pointed out.

“Traffic and Tolls”

However, some other representatives criticize Spilková for her new position. “It’s a tobacconist for a hundred thousand,” Deník quoted, for example, opposition representative Matěj Hollan (Žít Brno). “This is another burden on the city’s budget,” doesn’t like representative Jana Drápalová (Greens) either.

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However, Spilková denies that it is a tobacconist. “By the way, I would like to remind you that the Pirates were the only ones who refused the offer to join the coalition in Brno after the elections because of suspicious scams with apartments. So it’s obviously not about functions for us, it’s about solving the problems that bother people in Brno as efficiently as possible. And this is also the case,” she told Novinkám.

The new full-time position for the Pirates on the X social network was also criticized by the mayor of Brno-Židenice, Petr Kunc. He stated that Spilková “received ‘traffic’ as a ‘derogatory’ for the fact that the Pirates will support the ODS and ANO coalition in the Brno-střed district”. According to Pirátka, this is not true. “I really have no idea where the mayor got such information,” she refused.

Spilková: there will be enough work

“Many people of other nationalities live in Brno and are an integral part of the city’s identity. It has not been so long since there were serious problems between minorities in Brno, to which we simply cannot turn a blind eye. Especially after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and the arrival of refugees to the south of Moravia, we perceive this agenda as important, otherwise we would not have sought the post at all,” she explained to Novinkám.

At the same time, she emphasized that if they let the problems between minorities continue to fester in Brno, it will have a negative impact on the quality of life of people in the city and on safety.

According to Spilková, full-time work will be enough. “Among other things, I will participate in negotiations with the city management, the South Moravian region, where cooperation has already started, and I would like to deepen it. I will meet with representatives of associations, non-profit organizations and others and actively set the agenda. Among other things, in the topics of segregation, prevention of conflicts between minorities, cultural activities, subsidy support for associations and other agendas,” she listed.

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The mayoress stood up for Spilková

Pirates in Brno were originally supposed to be part of a large coalition of seven parties. They eventually backed out of it and ended up in the opposition. In Brno, representatives of ODS, TOP 09, ANO, KDU-ČSL, STAN and Social Democracy are ruling.

Even so, the mayor of the city, Markéta Vaňková (ODS), stood up for the opposition MP Spilková for Novinky. “The events of last year, when there was an escalation of tensions between the Roma and Ukrainian communities, clearly showed that Brno needs a representative of the city’s self-government who will intensively focus on the area of ​​national minorities,” she emphasized.

According to her, the chairman of the committee will have enough time both for operational solutions to current problems and for longer-term conceptual work.

“It is supposed to coordinate cooperation at the level of the city and the region, possibly also the central city district of Brno-střed, to further cover the agenda that affects several city organizations and municipal unions, or to expand activities aimed at supporting national minorities,” noted Vaňková, stating that tens of thousands of people other than Czech or Moravian nationality live in Brno, which has a population of 400,000.

Vaňková also rejected debates about the financial reward. “It is set automatically according to the Act on Municipalities, so any debates about the amount of remuneration are mere political skirmishes without substance,” she told Novinkám.

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