Bird flu has appeared in another large farm

Bird flu has appeared in another large farm
Bird flu has appeared in another large farm

“Unfortunately, the spread of bird flu continues. Now I have confirmed another occurrence in a commercial farm in the Svitava region in the village of Sklené. Together with the management, we are currently going to the inspectorate of the State Veterinary Administration in Litomyšl,” he said on his profile Minister of Agriculture Marek Výborný with the fact that the measures will be taken in a similar regime as was the case with Kosořín.

“We will inform you about the next procedure,” said Výborný. Zbyněk Semerád, the central director of the State Veterinary Administration, will also be present at the briefing, which was called for half past five in the afternoon in Litomyšl.

“For now, we are waiting for confirmation from the laboratory,” Radek Axmann from the State Veterinary Administration of the Pardubice Region told Novinka in the afternoon.

Incidence of bird flu in the Pardubice region

JANUARY 2022 – Lipoltice in Pardubice, 3,500 ducks were disposed of

FEBRUARY 2021 – Ronov nad Doubravou in Chrudim region, small farm

MARCH 2021 – duck breeding in the village of Vápno in Pardubice. 2800 thousand pieces of ducks were spent.

FEBRUARY 2020 – Slepotice in Pardubice, broilers and turkeys, 430 tons of poultry liquidated

JUNE 2007 – Tisová – turkey breeding

Nořín – broiler farm

Kosořín and Netřeby – poultry farm

The large-scale farm in the village of Sklené in the Svitava region also belongs to the operations of the Mach Drůbež company. It is about fifty kilometers away from Kosořín, where the virus infection was confirmed this week.

According to Axmann, there are about 22,000 poultry in the affected farm. Just like in Kosořín, parent breeding of meat-type hens and roosters is kept here.

Because of the bird flu, 150,000 eggs are also being destroyed in Kosořín

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