Markets were charmed by Meta’s first dividend, its rocket shares are rising. Apple dl trp na

Markets were charmed by Meta’s first dividend, its rocket shares are rising. Apple dl trp na
Markets were charmed by Meta’s first dividend, its rocket shares are rising. Apple dl trp na

ANDAmerican Internet company Meta Platforms tripled its profit in the fourth quarter to $14 billion (roughly 320 billion crowns) from $4.7 billion a year ago. At the press conference, the company announced that it will pay a dividend for the first time in its history. At first, the company’s shares reacted with a sharp increase, shortly after its publication, they gained roughly 15 percent.

Meta is the owner of the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Threads, as well as a member of the WhatsApp service. the company’s quarterly revenue increased by 25 percent year-on-year to $40.1 billion. That’s how many analysts, who, according to the LSEG company, estimated them at an average of 39.2 billion dollars.

The company Meta stated that it will pay a quarterly dividend of more than 50 cents per share. She added that she had approved a share buyback program worth $50 billion. “We had a good quarter as our community and business continued to grow,” said CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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In the full year, the company Meta increased its profit by 69 percent to 39.1 billion dollars. Its full-year revenue rose 16 percent to $134.9 billion.

“Meta confirmed the second quarter in ad both increased income from advertising and better profitability thanks to effective women’s spending. Revenues and earnings per share exceeded analyst expectations,” said XTB analyst tpn Hjek. “The fact that the company decided to pay a dividend of more than USD 0.50 per share for the first time in its history is a testament to the high quality of the result,” he added.

Apple took a long time, but it can’t get out

American technology giantApplein the first financial quarter, the net profit of the company increased by 13 percent to 33.9 billion dollars (roughly 775 billion K). The company announced on Thursday. Its revenues rose by two percent to 119.6 billion dollars. Thus, they recorded the first increase in the last five quarters, and that is mainly due to the removal of the iPhone from sales.

Total sales and profit beat all analysts, but the company’s revenue fell short of estimates in n. SharesAppleso after the general result they lost roughly a percentage.

Revenues from iPhone sales rose six percent to $69.7 billion in the first fiscal quarter, which ended Dec. 30, from $65.8 billion a year ago.

“For iPhone, we had particularly strong growth in emerging markets outside of China,” he told Reuters.AppleTim Cook. He added that in the most competitive smartphone market in the world.

Appleslightly beat market estimates in both revenue and profit,” said XTB analyst Tom Cverna. “Although the company’s revenues from this increased by one third quarter-on-quarter, they fell to USD 20.8 billion year-on-year, which was considered below market estimates. ConsequencesApplevalue as a shift,” he added.

Amazon pomh cloud, trial AI assistant

US online retailer Amazon is set to post a sharp rise in profits to $10.6 billion (K242.3 billion) in the fourth quarter of last year from $278 million in the same period in 2022. The company thrived thanks to its retail and cloud divisions. It was reported by Amazon in svmprohlen. At the same time, the company announced that it is testing an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant called Rufus, which should facilitate shopping on the platform.

Earnings per share amounted to one dollar, thus beating the estimates of analysts polled by the LSEG agency, who expected a profit of 80 cents per share. Revenue rose 14 percent to $170 billion, and it was you, not the analysts. Advertising revenue rose 27 percent to $14.65 billion, in line with estimates.

“This fourth quarter was a record-breaking holiday shopping season and capped off a robust 2023 for Amazon,” Editor-in-Chief Andy Jassy said in a statement.

In the AWS cloud division, revenue rose 13 percent to $24.2 billion. Operating profit rose 38 percent to roughly $7.2 billion. The company is convinced that thanks to artificial intelligence applications, the division’s cloud sales will increase by tens of billions of USD in five years.

Some users in the USA have trial access to the Rufus chatbot. Assistants can submit ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts or dinosaur-themed toys for toddlers. Jassy emphasized that the company has only just begun to explore the possibilities of this software and will, among other things, personalize it.

This quarter, Amazon estimated revenue between $138 billion and $143.5 billion. Analysts expect $142.13 billion in revenue.

From the end of 2022 to the middle of 2023, Amazon has laid off 27,000 employees and closed some activities. The company thus continued to look for ways to cut costs in other areas, for example in the execution of orders. In January, it announced moles in the Prime Video, MGM Studios and Twitch divisions, among others.

Amazon announced this week that it has decided to drop its planned $1.4 billion takeover of robot vacuum cleaner maker iRobot due to opposition from European regulators.

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